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The Changeling's Mantle The Changeling's Mantle

When not worn, this armor seems little more than a trapper's pile of discarded furs. It appears a patchwork - stelgaer hide draped over bearskin and wolf fur, all layered over a sheath of dark reptilian scale studded with the teeth of myriad predators.

Donning the apparel, however, the wearer notices an organic warmth within. It shifts of its own accord, fitting itself to the possessor's build, clinging tightly to flanks and under arms, yet allowing a freedom of movement rivaling fine dueling leathers.

lax1 Armor Hide armor Light armor yes yes 2,790 +20% 8 6 6 Pelt of Many Kinds LAX01_Hide_Armor_Soulbound_Changelings_Mantle

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