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Magistrate's Cudgel Magistrate's Cudgel
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Excerpt from Charter Regarding The Establishment Of Municipal Domains And The Appointment Of Their Respective Magisters, Under The Right And Natural Guidance Of The Ferscönyng, Divinely Appointed Ruler Of The Empire of Aedyr And Beloved Of Woedica, Long May He Reign, penned by Cwinwytha Cynmaerdu, agent of the Court:

"Let it be known that enclosed with this document bearing the seal of the beloved Ferscönyng (LMHR) is the instrument of which the document speaks. In light of the recent, misguided rebellion of the Dyrwoodan colony, the Imperial Ministry sees fit to coalesce the functions of the colonial court of judges into a single office. Hereto, the officer of the court shall, with the full authority of the Imperial Ministry, assume the rank and privileges of Magistrate of the Court for a term of office to be determined by said Ministry...

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