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Wounds are the resource used to power some of the Monk's abilities.

Description[edit | edit source]

Manual: Monks can convert incoming damage into Wounds. As monks take damage, they build up their Wound resource. Wounds are the resource that powers many of the monk’s abilities. Some of these abilities require a minimum number of Wounds present in order to activate. Talents or traits can impact this ability in positive ways.[1]

In-game: As monks are damaged, their pain generates Wounds. Wounds can be used to power many of the monk's special abilities.

Mechanic[edit | edit source]

When a monk takes damage from any source after Damage Reduction, that number is also added to a Wound counter. When the counter reaches a certain threshold (10 by default), the monk receives a point of the Wound resource. They can then use those Wounds to power special abilities or to get passive bonuses.[2] If they are not used immediately, Wounds can accumulate until a certain point (10 Wounds by default) after which you cannot gain new Wounds. Wounds will also disappear at the end of combat and after a certain time (20 seconds, affected by intelligence) if not used.

References[edit | edit source]