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  • The Exiled Queen
  • The Burned Queen
  • Oathbinder
  • The Strangler
  • The Queen That Was
  • Law
  • Justice
  • Oaths and Promises
  • (Rightful) rulership
  • Hierarchies
  • Memory
  • Vengeance
  • Skaen (true relationship is uncertain)
  • Everyone (all gods owe her fealty)
  • A broken throne
  • A leather bound book of law partially blackened by fire

Woedica (WÖ-dih-kuh) is a deity known by many names, including "The Exiled Queen," "The Burned Queen," "Oathbinder," and "The Strangler." Her domains include law, justice, oaths and promises, (rightful) rulership, hierarchies, memory, and vengeance.

Description[edit | edit source]

Woedica's is usually depicted with burned and withered skin, having been cast from her rightful seat by war and burned in Magran's fire... though she always keeps her dignity and plot her (rightful) revenge.[1] Her devotees believe that she had once claimed rulership over some or all other gods. But if that was true, she was cast down in the far distant past. Among the other gods, she has no real allies, believing that all the gods owe her fealty.[2][1]

Woedica manifests in the world as the Strangler, a leathery-skinned old woman, always clad in tattered finery, who appears on an empty road or abandoned alleyway to murder those who break a solemn oath. According to those few that claim to have seen her, she is supernaturally agile and quick, and at the same time possessing the strength to strangle a full grown Aumaua. Woedica’s avatar is believed to have slain several usurpers in Dyrwoodan history, though it is possible that the real murderers merely blamed the goddess. For this reason, oath breaking is punished by strangulation in many cultures.[2][1]

Worshipers[edit | edit source]

Priestesses of the Exiled Queen serve as lawyers and judges in towns and urban centers, and the most prominent among them are advisers to kings and lords. They are of particular importance in the Empire of Aedyr, where by tradition, business contracts always require their endorsement. Her devotees are typically found in the upper classes, but any conservative person who longs for a vanished past will find a place in her faith. "When Woedica takes back her throne" is a common saying amongst her followers, signifying a utopian future when society will be properly ordered once again, and she will take her rightful place as ruler of the gods.[3][1]

Woedican clergy rely on local authorities to maintain the law, though they maintain a connection to the paladin order known as the Steel Garrote.

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