White March

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Disambig.png This article is about the region. For the expansion to Pillars of Eternity , see Pillars of Eternity: The White March.

White March
White march coa.png
Type Destroyed Dwarven Kingdom
Founder Dwarven Settlers from Old Vailia
Locations Durgan's Battery
Related Stone Bramble
Old Vailia
The Pearl Coast

The White March is a mountainous region northeast of Eír Glanfath, which houses the ruins of the Dwarven kingdom of White March including those of the Durgan's Battery citadel.

The dwarven kingdom of White March was the site of early colonization effort by colonist from the Grand Empire of Vailia. It prospered because of the notorious steel forges at Durgan's Battery. Durgan steel is still renowned worldwide as the best of its craft, and while modern March steel is nearly indistinguishable it lacks the edge of its predecessor.[1]

The dwarves colonized further areas east of the White march. But they overextended their limit[1] and about a hundred years ago[2] an aggressive ogre tribe destroyed their settlements and fought their way into the kingdom, conquering the once mighty citadel. The last of the kingdom's dwarves fled to the Pearl Coast.[1]

Little is known of the rugged peaks and valleys beside the Stone Bramble, a Glanfathan tribe, and part of Saint Waidwen's army, which used the northern mountain pass to reach Cold Morn.

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