War bows

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War bows
War bow icon.png
Weapon type
Combat type
10 Copper pands (cp)
0.5 sec (Average)
13-20 Pierce
Weapon focus

War bows are two-handed weapons in Pillars of Eternity.

Description[edit | edit source]

Though war bows are outnumbered by hunting bows in the Dyrwood, war bows are more popular among professional soldiers and adventurers. With a high draw weight and respectable speed, they possess a power unmatched by magical implements and don't have the lengthy reloading times of crossbows and firearms.

Types of War bows[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Damage Value Enchantments Location
War bow backer borresaine icon.png Borresaine 15-23 1,410Copper pands (cp)
War bow caebalds blackbow icon.png Caedebald's Blackbow [WM2] 29-44 1,210Copper pands (cp)
War bow cloudpiercer icon.png Cloudpiercer 15-23 1,410Copper pands (cp)
War bow exceptional icon.png Exceptional War bow 17-26 810Copper pands (cp)
War bow fine icon.png Fine War bow 15-23 410Copper pands (cp)
War bow sabra marie icon.png Sabra Marie [WM1] 17-26 2,010Copper pands (cp)
War bow the rain of godagh field icon.png The Rain of Godagh Field 19-29 1,810Copper pands (cp)
War bow icon.png War bow 13-20 10Copper pands (cp)