Waidwen's Legacy

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Waidwen's Legacy is the popular name given to a wave of soul afflictions that arose in the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood after the Saint's War. Named after St. Waidwen, the affliction affects newborns, stripping them of souls. Thought to be a parting gift from Eothas, a revenge for its avatar's destruction at Halgot Citadel, it has been affecting the nation for fifteen years by 2823 AI and the Watcher's arrival.

The children born during the Legacy received various names. In Ondra's Gift, they were called buoys, as they were commonly drowned in the waters of the port, their little bodies floating on the water until the tide mercifully buried them in the waters of the Gulf.

Symptoms[edit | edit source]

Hollowborn are completely passive, apart from basic biological functions, and are often abandoned by their parents to die or are killed outright. There was no known cure or way to prevent a child from being born hollow.

Treatment[edit | edit source]

Despite some claiming to have this power and offering their aid for a price, no treatment could be put forward. Animancers tried a variety of measures, including transplanting animal souls into hollowborn or creating them from scratch, but they all failed in a more or less spectacular fashion. The former treatment, once hailed as a Salvation, resulted in the creation of wichts, feral children plaguing the nation's rural areas.

The only true treatment came with the Watcher. As the Legacy was an artificial creation engineered by Thaos, an ancient Engwithan wizard using his people's soul manipulation devices, the Watcher confronted him beneath Eir Glanfath after stopping the machines. Thaos himself hoped to achieve two goals with the Legacy, discrediting animancy and empowering Woedica, granting her dominion over the gods and Eora once again.

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