Vailian Republics

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Vailian Republics
Concept art of humans from the federation
Type City-State Federation
Adjective Vailian
Demonym Vailian
Products Copper
Astronomical Equipment
Population 2,250,000
Nomadic People 70 % Resident
30 % Transient
Urbanization 35 % Urban
65 % Rural
Races 55 % Calbandras
20 % Aptapos
10 % Thyrtans
5 % Island aumaua
10 % Other
Language(s) Vailian
a lot of Aedyran
other in a small amount
Main Faiths Ondra
Locations Ancenze
Related Old Vailia
Frermàs mes Canc Suolias
Vailian Republics coa.png

The Vailian Republics, is a confederation of sovereign city-states along the south coast of the Eastern Reach. It consists of fourteen cities, among them are the five great cities (cuiteti beli, Vallian), which represent the five stars on their COA. Natives of the Vailian Republics are known as Vailians.

It is bordered by Eír Glanfath to the north and shares a border with the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood.

History[edit | edit source]

The Vailian Republics were originally colonies of the now-defunct Grand Empire of Vailia. When the Grand Empire of Vailia (now called Old Vailia) started to collapse (2648 AI), the Vailian colonies conspired to establish financial and military resources that were separate from the empire's. When it was impossible for the Grand Empire to do anything about it, the colonies declared their independence. Though there were limited loyalist uprisings within the republics, there was nothing widespread and there was no formal military campaign from the empire against them.[1]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Vailian Republics are rooted in what we would call a Renaissance culture, closely resembling the Italian city-states.[2]. The land is divided among fourteen republics, each ruled by duc or ducess, and has voting rights on the sengretta ducala ("ducal congress" in Vallian) Among them five "great cities" (cuiteti beli), considered "grand" republics, and have greater voting power in their electoral council; these cities are Ancenze, Ozia, Revua, Selona, and Spirento. The leaders of these republics are known as the ducs bels, or "great ducs", and form the leading force of the ducal congress.

The confederation does little to regulate day to day operations of its member republics, but they do govern aspects of international trade and responsible for the republic defense.[3] As such, local laws and customs can very greatly from province to province.

It is considered the most powerful mercantile force in the southern hemisphere, partially due to the access it has to most major commodities of the world, including slaves. Its reputation is colored by its habit of abducting foreigners and enslaving them to work on Vailian naval vessels. [4]

Animancy is more accepted in the Vailian Republics than many of the more orthodox nations, and it along with its neighbor the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood considered the two leading nations in animancy research.[5]

It's by far the most technological nation overall.Verify

Society[edit | edit source]

Most residents of the Vailian Republics are ethnic Vailians, include humans and small number of dwarves. The dominant human ethnicity among Vailians is Calbandra (Ocean Folk).[6]

Vailian culture is concerned with practical matter of the world as wells as their own particular standard behavior.[3]

  • Vailian virtues: success, shrewdness, restraint, wit, polymathism.
  • Vailian vices: failure, bad style (i.e. doing something not in the "Vailian way"), bluntness, dullness, mercilessness.[7]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Vailian language is based on a mixture of real world Italian, French, and Occitan.[8]

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