Uses of Might in interactions

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In interactions, a party member's Might score is usually checked to determine whether they succeed at an act of brute force, or to unlock dialog options for intimidating people.

Quest dialogs[edit | edit source]

In quest related dialogs the player's Might score may unlock the following options:

Quest Location NPC Description MIG required Other requirements
A Moment's Respite Encampment Glanfathan Leader Threaten him. 14
Against the Grain Gilded ValeThe Black Hound Inn Sweynur Threaten him to leave Trumbel's family alone. 16
Buried Secrets Gilded ValeTemple of Eothas Wirtan Talk with him about things uncovered during the quest. 15
Something Secret Copperlane Gordy ? 12
A Two Story Job CopperlaneThieves' Hideout Langden Intimidate him to give you the Thieves' Letter. 16
Fragments of a Scattered Faith First FiresDucal Palace Records Keeper Intimidate him. 16
Clandestine Cargo Ondra's Gift Imatl Threaten him to give you the opal without payment. 14
The Final Act Ondra's GiftThe Salty Mast Oly ?? 13
Far from Home Ondra's Gift - Salty Mast Serel Get the medallion. ??
Blood Legacy Dyrford Village Lord Harond Threaten him to get some money. 14

[To Do: This table is incomplete. Options:

  1. Add the missing items manually.
  2. Ensure that the individual quest pages have this information, and turn this table into a SMW query that automatically gathers the information from them.


Other dialogs[edit | edit source]

In dialogs, not related to certain quests, the player's Might score may as well unlock additional conversation options:

Location NPC Description MIG required Other requirements
Gilded Vale Aloth and the angry Townsfolk ? 13
Ondra's Gift Curnd Threaten him to get access to his merchandise. 15
Heritage Hill Justiciar ? 18
BrackenburyReymont Manor (upper floor) Reymont Servant ? 13

Scripted interactions[edit | edit source]

Scripted interactions may also check the Might score. Some situations allow to choose which party member will perform the action, sometimes a certain member or the player will be checked.

Quest Location Object Description MIG required Party member checked Other requirements
The Ruins of Cilant Lîs Cilant Lîs – Interior Cracked wall Push to crash the wall. 16 Selectable
Lle a Rhemen Spider tunnel Cut through the cobwebs. 16 Selectable
Dyrford Crossing Temple entrance statue Push the statue. 19 Selectable