Uses of Dexterity in interactions

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In interactions, a party member's Dexterity score is usually checked to determine whether they succeed at attempts at sleight-of-hand or fast reactions.

Quest dialogs[edit | edit source]

In quest related dialogs the player's Dexterity score may unlock the following options:

Quest Location NPC Description DEX required Other requirements
Against the Grain Gilded ValeThe Black Hound Inn Sweynur Set a blade to his neck, thus threatening him to leave Trumbel's family alone. 16
Clandestine Cargo Ondra's Gift Imatl Snatch the opal from him rather than paying 200 cp. 14

[To Do: This table is incomplete. Options:

  1. Add the missing items manually.
  2. Ensure that the individual quest pages have this information, and turn this table into a SMW query that automatically gathers the information from them.


Other dialogs[edit | edit source]

In dialogs, not related to certain quests, the player's Dexterity score may as well unlock additional conversation options:

Location NPC Description DEX required Other requirements

Scripted interactions[edit | edit source]

Scripted interactions may also check the Dexterity score. Some situations allow to choose which party member will perform the action, sometimes a certain member or the player will be checked.

Quest Location Object Description DEX required Party member checked Other requirements
The Ruins of Cilant Lîs Encampment Bîaŵac Throw a rock and spare a weapon to save Heodan. 15 Player
[WM1] Flames-That-Whisper Upper Cavern [WM1] Golden Gaze Getting Golden Gaze in the hidden ledge in the big hole 16 Selectable