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Kar Maraias, Free Territories, Crown World of Karis

Tagaziel (noun): A peculiar creature of Polish origin, with an affinity for all things cultural and in particular, various forms of electronic entertainment. Does not bite, contrary to various rumors.

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Hey Tagaziel, I need some assistance. I've created the account MacklinBot, and need it assigned bot perms (which apparently only you can do). This has been discussed with CompleCCity on the talk page Template talk:Infobox weapon poe2, and he has suggested that I create a bot due to the amount of changes required. Originally I was going to use a bot password, but I really don't like the idea of spamming the recent changes with hundreds of edits.

Have a look at that talk page to get a basic idea of what I've planned. If it looks all good, I will go ahead and make the changes. These will be done via AWB and will NOT be automated. Every page under specific categories will get regex substitutions, and I will be looking over every change before submitting it to make sure it does what it's supposed to.

At the moment, these are the only edits that I will be doing with the account. Of course if there are further changes necessary, they will be discussed through the appropriate channels to get a thumbs up beforehand.


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