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Hey am still there. Why did you delete all?

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And real life should always have preference, especially when it's about this. And I know by own experience how much emotional things can distract from reading certain e-mails or website notices. All is good. And we're glad when you're back! :)

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Instructions (this is a quote, not my text):

Any EU/EEA users who had not consented prior to these required GDPR activities may now reclaim their accounts:

1. Log out

2. Visit

3. Log in there

4. Use the rename credit here:

Your username will then trickle down to the wikis.

User pages (owned by non-consenting users) and user profile fields (for non-consenting users) had to be erased to comply with GDPR. Wiki points, contributions, and achievements are saved.

If you still have issues after following those instructions, make a ticket by sending current username, old username, and account email to

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And there you are, Arawn76! :)

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You can use regular wiki code to format your "about me" section. ;)

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Man – was it intention to not consent? Will you ever come back?

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Hi! When you're back – shall User:Arawn76/At All Costs and User:Arawn76/Vailian Trading Company (Defiance Bay) be deleted? (It's better to name sandboxes a bit more generic, so that they can be used more than once. ;)

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Oh yes sure you can. Thx :)

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Hey man, I fixed Hearthsong, you accidentally cut out a good chunk of the article. :)

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Nope, tried that earlier. I should add that this occurs when squishing the window so that the width of the map is smaller than the space to the left of the infobox, causing it to wrap to under the infobox. Seems to always do it for me, even on a different computer that hasn't ever accessed the wiki.

Also, sorry User:Arawn76 for hijacking your comment thread lmao.

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Ah, okay, didn't have the right width before. It only happens in a certain range and the layout is okay again when the image is larger than the main page space or something like this …

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@CompleCCity, pls reread it, i said i see it critical to pull to much out of the assets, next come textures?! That's an ironic comment. No offense, nothing. I have my experience, my opinion. You use raw maps on the infomap. What shall this bring? That's an original file, ok, but without layers. One very good made map with all infos says more out. And if someone wanna see the raw map it's on a global page like defiance bay or endless path better placed. Tool topic is the same, use as less as necessary, so you never have to think about it. Because you use allready different styles one on the world map another one in twin elms, then that map tool on other pages. The tool can be avoided. @Macklin am used to it. Glad no one said "Hands up, this a robbery".

Oh and thx for the link i've bookmarked it.

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Given that this is literally my job as a wiki manager, some clarifications:

1. Including the original background layers is not copyright infringement, not any more than including transcriptions of books, dialogues, ending slides, walkthroughs, items, etc. We do it under Fair Use doctrine for educational/informational purposes. It has no discernible impact on the sales of the game(s), to boot.

2. Extension:Imagemap is part of the stock MediaWiki configuration and is not from another source. The link refers to a GUI that I use to make imagemaps, which is not proprietary. The problem with the imagemap popping over/under the text when the infobox appears is an issue with how MediaWiki displays elements on the page, not anything from a third party site (since, again, Imagemap is part of ''our'' MediaWiki loadout.

3. Remaking every page to match Elms' Reach is going to take a while. Feel free to do it, but that's going to be very time- and resource-intensive. I speak from experience.

Finally, on a personal note, I repeat my earlier point: Forcing users to click through to the file page and then manually type in the target location they read off the image is just bad user experience.

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