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I've tracked Iselmyr's essence throughout the exchange. She had a particularly high density index during the most heated portions of their argument, and her essence seemed to localize most clearly in the lower portion of the subject's left ribcage. That's right around the spleen, which, of course, means that she is triggered by black bile. No doubt the subject's characteristic melancholy is to blame.
That's utter horseshit.
~ Bellasege and Aloth

Two-Sided is a side quest, and companion quest for Aloth. It is obtained after completing Never Far from the Queen by speaking with Aloth.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.
Aloth revealed that an Awakened soul, Iselmyr, dwells within him. He's asked for help in finding an expert who understands his predicament.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After witnessing enough of Aloth's "episodes", he will come clean, explaining that his soul was also awakened, similar to the watchers. His awakening however, is a presence named Iselmyr that shares his body and manifests from time to time to voice her opinions. Aloth has a great deal of trouble attempting to suppress her. He then says that he has heard there is an expert on awakenings in defiance bay, and that maybe they could help him control these "outbursts", starting the quest.

The player must then travel to the Brackenbury district, enter the Sanitarium, and head downstairs. You may also talk to Head Warden Ethelmoer first and ask him if he knows anyone that could help. At which point he directs the player to head downstairs.

The player must then talk to Bellasege, who complains about not having enough test subjects to study on awakenings. The player can then volunteer Aloth, despite his hesitancy. Bellasege sits Aloth down and attaches copper wrist and head bands to him and uses a special type of magnifying glass to see Aloth's soul. If Edér is present, he will comment on wanting to talk to Iselmyr again. Bellasege states that in order to draw out the 'interloper,' Aloth must answer personal questions, and he does so to his reluctance. However, after talking about his memories, he enters a trance-like state, requiring the player to wake him up. After doing so, Iselmyr starts talking. Bellasege states that she is seeing a change in the soul, and tells you to keep Iselmyr present so she can study it. After a few dialogue exchanges, Bellasege discovers that Iselmyr is located around the spleen, and manifests when it produces Black Bile, which is a result of Aloth's melancholy, to which Aloth/Iselmyr responds: "That's utter horseshit." The player can then deduce that Iselmyr manifests when there are potential sources of danger for Aloth. The player then decides whether Iselmyr's interference is helpful or a hindrance. This choice adds to Aloth's attitude, which determines his ending.

You can't let her make these decisions for you. → Lose Iselmyr's favor and increase Aloth's stance on authority.
I think she's trying to help you stand up for yourself. → Gain Iselmyr's favor and increase Aloth's stance on autonomy.
It's not clear yet whether this is a help or hindrance. → No change to Iselmyr's favor or Aloth's attitude.

Bellasege then thanks Aloth for his help and states that she will publish her findings, to Iselmyr's distaste. As a result, Aloth and Iselmyr both conclude that they don't want their personal lives published, and attempt to steal Bellasege's notes. The player can either allow Aloth to steal the notes, stay neutral, or tell him not to, concluding the quest.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This quest fails after the meeting with the duc during the main quest The Hermit of Hadret House, if you haven't completed the first objective.
  • Aloth mentions that he has none of the memories of Iselmyr, and that judging by her accent and dialect, she is from much further in the past.
  • Aloth mentions that when you first saw him having an argument with the villagers of The Gilded Vale, it was because of Iselmyr.

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