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To Hunt a God

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To Hunt a God
PE2 To Hunt a God.png
Main quest
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Port Maje
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Complete the quest
  • Advances the story
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To Hunt a God is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In the aftermath of the storm, Eothas' trail threatens to grow cold. Any chance of catching up to him relies on finding some hint of his presence on the island.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • This is a large quest spanning most of the first part of the game. It keeps track of all the clues you have regarding Eothas' location.
  • The first step towards finding Eothas is exploring Port Maje Island and reaching Port Maje to obtain information from Governor Clario. The governor will request information regarding his adra operations at the Engwithan Digsite, while also revealing that several witnesses reported him heading towards the digsite.
  • The quest is completed together with Stranded. When you commune with Eothas at the dead adra pillar at the arena sub-level, you automatically complete the quest.

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID Objectives
0 To Hunt a God
10000 In the aftermath of the storm, Eothas' trail threatens to grow cold. Any chance of catching up to him relies on finding some hint of his presence on the island.
1 Explore the island.
10001 We lost track of Eothas in the storm, but he seemed to be heading inland when we crashed.

Big as he is, he must have left behind some sign of his passing. Exploring the island's the best chance of picking up his trail again.

20000 The citizens of Port Maje have witnessed the giant. Perhaps the governor knows more.
2 Reach the digsite.
10002 The governor of Port Maje mentioned that several witnesses claim to have seen a 'giant' moving eastward toward a digsite spearheaded by the Vailian Trading Company's animancers. It's worth a look.
3 Search the Engwithan ruins.
10003 I've reached a massive digsite, centered on some Engwithan ruins. It's clear by the massive footprints in the area that Eothas has come through here, and not without wreaking the same kind of devastation he left behind him at Caed Nua.

I'd better look around. Maybe I can find out what he was after.

20001 A spirit at the digsite mentioned having seen a bright light. It sounds similar to the beacon that drew me into Berath's realm, though the spirit says that it has since faded. Perhaps Eothas' arrival had something to do with that.
End states
Yes 30000 Through a massive adra pillar within the Engwithan ruins, I was able to forge a link between myself and Eothas. I managed to retrieve the fraction of my essence still within him, but Eothas severed the connection before I could do much else. He seemed to be drawing power from the luminous adra. If this is how he is powering his journey across the Deadfire, then finding more adra pillars may lead me right to him.