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The following is a timeline of Eora in which Pillars of Eternity is set, it is based on the Anni Iroccio(AI) calendar.

Dates[edit | edit source]

Pre-history[edit | edit source]

Academics believe that pale elves (Glamfellen) left the northern hemisphere at least 9,000 years before the countdown. 1,200 years ago civilization was still extremely modest, not advanced.[1]

0 - 2599 AI[edit | edit source]

  • A tribe is formed by the human hunter society, known as "People of the Deer"(Aedyr).(on continent to the west of Dyrwood)
  • The "People of the Deer" form the Aedyr Kingdom.
  • A group of Animancers in the Aedyr Kingdom transfers a soul in a dead body.
  • Animancy is outlawed in the Aedyr Kingdom.

2600-2669 AI[edit | edit source]

  • Aedyre explorers discover the coast of a new continent in the east, in what will later be known as the Eastern Reach.
  • Over the next twenty years, Aedyre exploration continues into the Eastern Reach, laying the foundation for its expansion into Dyrwood.
  • The Aedyre found the first permanent settlements in Dyrwood region. For the next three years thousands of Aedyrans settlers travel to the region, leading to the establishment of official Aedyre governmental structure in the Eastern Reach colonies.
  • The Grand Empire of Vailia expand north over the ocean, establishing the city states that would later become the Vailian Republics.
  • Erl Edrang Hadret elected to the position of gréf of the dyrwood, to deal with Glanfathans guerrilla fighters, led by an orlan named Regd.[2]
  • A treaty is signed between Dyrwoodan people and Glanfathans, ending the hostilities.
  • Aedyr Empire establish new colony in the Eastern Reach. Settling Eothasian pilgrims in the territory of Readceras and establishing vorlas farming operations.
  • The Grand Empire of Vailia(Old Vailia) collapse, leading to war for dominance by the nations that once made up the empire. And the Vailian Republics become independent.
  • The War of the Black Trees. Continued Dyrwoodan exploration of Glanfathan ruins, led to a brutal Glanfathan retaliation and resulted in a slave uprising, lasting for several months before brought to an end with Dyrwoodan victory.
  • Gréf Edrang Hadret dies, his son Admeth succeeds him as the gréf of Aedyr Empire colonies in Dyrwood. A year later Admeth receives backing from Aedyr court and becomes the gréf palatine of the dyrwood, making the dyrwood a palatinate of the Aedyr Empire. Under his rule dyrwood saw seven productive and profitable years.
  • The 'Ten Years Treaty' is signed between the Dyrwood and Eir Glanfath. The treaty set to abolish slavery in the Dyrwood, as well as normalize relation and improve trade between the two parties. The treaty led to the short lived 'Coopers Rebellion' in Dyrwood.
  • Aedyr Empire covertly use agents in Eir Glanfath, circumventing the 'Ten Years Treaty' prohibition of Engwithan ruins exploitation. A year later the plot exposed by Gréf Edrang with help of Glanfathan brishalgwin.

2670 - 2822 AI[edit | edit source]

  • Animancy is studied again in the Dyrwood
  • An animancer working in Baelreach, Dyrwood, accidentally shattered the souls of about a dozen volunteers who had been helping him. In retaliation for the deaths, the citizens of the area stormed his house and killed him.
  • Most animancers moved from the rural areas where they were studying and settled in Defiance Bay, many of them choosing Brackenbury as their new home of operations.
  • Defiance Bay: The Brackenbury Sanitarium opens to further research of soulcraft.
  • Some animancers entered the forbidden ruins of Eir Glanfath to further their research. They discovered some such sites had strange artifacts that seemed to bear affinity to soul essence, and began to prod at the devices for further insight. Even with continued research, they are unable to tell quite what they have discovered. Eventually they were found out by the Glanfathans and executed according to Glanfathan tradition.
  • The duc of the dyrwood makes proclamation, that the study and practice of animancy on, or even near, the sacred Glanfathan sites, would be punishable by death.
  • The Dyrwoodan government allowed some animancers to begin training and experiments in conjunction with the Glanfathan ‘mind hunters’. Resulting in exchange of information and trust.
  • Some brîshalgwin of Eir Glanfath received training from Dyrwoodan animancers.
  • The Saint's war informally ends when St. Waidwen was completely destroyed, along with most of the forces at Halgot Citadel.
  • Eothas stops communicating with his faithful.
  • The first Hollowborn was reported in the Dyrwood, less than a year after the devastation of The Saint's War,
  • Animancers in the Dyrwood begin to implant animal souls in the hollowborns. The childreen are called "saved".
  • The first "saved" child becomes a wicht on entering puberty.

Present[edit | edit source]


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