Time and Tide

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Time and Tide
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Time and Tide is a companion side quest in Pillars of Eternity.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Find Kana Rua outside of Caed Nua and accept him into your party. This will start his quest, however to progress further you must first complete The Old Watcher.
  • Once The Old Watcher has been completed, you will have access to The Endless Paths of Od Nua. You must descend down to level 7 to progress this quest. Since the enemies get progressively harder in this dungeon, if you can't reach level 7 right away it's recommended that you return later.
  • Once on level 7, locate the southern room with Shades in it. Take the old copper key from the chest.
  • Use the key to unlock the door for the southeast room. Kill Gabrannos and pick up his tablet, and a conversation with Kana will ensue. Once over, you have completed the quest.

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID End Description

Kana Rua, an aumaua from the northern lands of Rauatai, has come to the Dyrwood in search of a sacred text, the Tanvii ora Toha, or Book of Virtues. After a long year's search, he believes that he has tracked the text to a tablet within the buried ruins beneath the keep of Caed Nua.

He is eager to explore the ruins, and has asked for my assistance in doing so. Until then, he seems happy enough to accompany me on my travels - though he has sheepishly admitted that this is in part due to his being pursued by mysterious assailants.

1 Find Maerwald.
10001 Kana Rua has been waiting outside the gates of the keep, hoping to find assistance in crossing the infested bailey. He believes that Maerwald may provide him with answers concerning the tablet he is searching for. It seems we both seek this Old Watcher.
5 Find the ruins beneath Caed Nua.
10005 Maerwald was too far gone to give us answers. We will have to navigate the ruins beneath the keep on our own.
2 Explore the Endless Paths with Kana Rua.
10002 Kana Rua believes that we will find the tablet within the depths of the dungeons known as The Endless Paths. He does not know precisely where it will be found, though he is certain that it will be found by the remains of Gabrannos, an ancient Engwithan scholar. Kana seems just as excited about the ruins in and of themselves, having studied the Engwithan people for many years.
3 Find Gabrannos or the tablet.
10003 We have passed the sealed door which barred passage into the lower regions of the Endless Paths. Kana Rua believes that this was the site of Gabrannos' work. It is a grim place, for all that Kana Rua seems pleased to be here, and it may be best that we find Gabrannos' remains or his work with haste.
30000 The tablet Kana Rua was looking for turned out to have been destroyed long ago - by who or what, there's no way to tell. Kana seems to have been hit hard by this revelation. I have tried to encourage him - whatever answers either of us are going to find, it seems they still lie ahead of us.
30001 Our search for the Tanvii ora Toha has come to an end, for we have found the shattered fragments of the tablet Kana sought. Kana seems to have been hit hard by the loss of the tablet, and his feverish excitement over the Endless Paths has lessened considerably. Given what we have seen, that may be for the best.
30002 Kana has been killed, and his ambitions die with him.

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