Those Lost in the Flood

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Those Lost in the Flood
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Those Lost in the Flood is a book in Pillars of Eternity and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.
"I never expected to see a massacre such as this in my lifetime. I was in my study, trying to pack up important documents for the evacuation, never dreaming the Aedyrans would act so drastically. It was my wife, Ne'iloc, who first heard the cracking of the levies. We climbed to the roof, when the water reached the top of the stairs. My three children, Nathe, Leibelsa, and Kyrre, we held. The water reached our chests, and the only thing that kept us from getting swept away before it subsided was holding onto the chimney, that we had just repaired. Other families were not so lucky.

When the waters finally subsided, the roads were littered with debris, mud, and rotting fish. Half the district had been swallowed by the sea. Bodies floated in the tide along with what was left in the homes. We burned the citizens we found. The poor souls have nobody else to remember them by, so I'll document them here. I'm not sure if they had loved ones who survived the flood, but it is better their names be written down rather than washed away with so much else in this horrific flood."

William "Bloody Bill" Thistlewood - Butcher Albel Nordenbring - Professor Raedwulf - Spearman Star Halfyur The Devoted - Priest Kilrath Crimsonblade - Swordmaster John Graham - City Garrison Krotok - Prize Hunter Valheru - Archivist Edvar Solinarous - Poet Magistrum - Tactician Claude Nothalis - Teacher Iryk Launavan - Astronomer Jaeryth - Archer Deathok - Undertaker Dedaug - Fisherman Xan Tidi - Monk Alvir - Herbalist Jorde Lenn - Tanner Khanthrok Conlon - Alchemist Ztordan - Mage Gavinius - Knight Galorian Dragonheart - Politician Aryana Gemstar - Appraiser Vigoro - Artist Kaelin Hallowed - Assassin Laurin Pollacus - Physician Minneus Maranus - Duelist Amanthor - Bodyguard Dragicus - Trader Fenrir - Protector of the Order Kron - Sellsword O'Beronn - Smith Marzagal - Barrister Aeron Coal - Miner Yreth - Infantry Lilith - Lighthouse Keeper

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The Wailing Banshee - Pillars of Eternity