The Weaver's Song

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The Weaver's Song
Questionmark black.png
2 turns
15% (not shared)
150-300 Copper pands (cp)

The Weaver's Song is an off-screen companion adventure in Pillars of Eternity.

In-game description[edit | edit source]

The pitch:

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.
The colorful clothing of the Spirentan weaver Bonisetta is known throughout the Eastern Reach. Over a year ago, she was on a trip to Defiance Bay when her ship sank in a violent storm just off of the Pearl Coast. Miraculously, many of the passengers survived.

Bonisetta's body was never found and she was presumed to have died. However, a Vailian merchant in Defiance Bay recently recognized some of Bonisetta's unmistakable work in an otherwise unremarkable shipment of textiles. He spoke with others and learned that several shipments to different merchants bore the same tell-tale patterns.

Now many merchants believe that Bonisetta is being held captive somewhere and is trying to communicate through her work. Whatever the message is, none have been able to decipher it, nor where it's coming from.

The conclusion:

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.
[Companion Name] found surprising resistance to inquiries regarding the whereabouts of Bonisetta. Whoever had taken her wanted to keep her location a secret.

At the behest of the ducess of Spirento, a team of Vailian cryptographers attempted to decipher the fragments of Bonisetta's weaving messages. In turn, they communicated those leads to [Companion Name]. After several brutal fights against well-trained mercenaries, [Companion Name] reached Bonisetta's prison, a weaving house near Girrara. The Vailian textile company that had abducted her was immediately cast out of all the Vailian Republics, great and small.

In thanks for saving her, Bonisetta wove an enchanted cloak for [Companion Name]'s journey back to Caed Nua.