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The Watcher is the protagonist of the story and a player character (PC) created and run by a player, who directly decides the character's actions. It is distinguished from Companions and Adventurers, people who accompany the protagonist on their journey, which are player controlled as well; and non-player characters, the people and creatures that populate the world that player characters interact with.

The story follows your main character, so your character is always the primary party speaker in conversations and all skill and attribute checks will be done by the main character. However, companions will interject when it makes sense for them to do so(as in the Infinity Engine games)[1][2]

Customization[edit | edit source]

Main article: Character Creation

At the beginning of the game, the player is able to create and customize his or her character. Your character is not required to be of any particular race, cultural background, sex, class, moral outlook, personality, organization, etc. The premise is that you are a victim of circumstance. How you choose to deal with your situation is up to you. You can bear it with stoicism and restraint or fly off in a rage at anyone who gets in your way. The world will react to your choices, but the game is designed to give you the freedom to play your character the way you want to.[2]

Experience and Advancement[edit | edit source]

See Experience and Advancement page.

Watcher Abilities[edit | edit source]

Crucible of the Soul: 1 per Rest Speed: Fast Area of Effect: 1.25m(base) Interrupt: 0.5sec(Average) Effects: Foe AoE Drains 10 Burn Damage as Endurance vs Fortitude(+10 Accuracy)

Dominion of the Sleepers: 1 per Rest Speed: Fast Effects: User +2 Might +2 Constitution +2 Dexterity +2 Perception +2 Intellect +2 Resolve for 20 sec

Speaker to the Restless: 2 per Rest Speed: Fast Area of Effect: 2.5m(base) Interrupt: 0.5sec(Average) Effects: Foe AoE Frightened for 10 sec vs Will(+10 Accuracy)

Steps to the Wheel: 1 per Rest Speed: Fast Area of Effect: 2.5m(base) Interrupt: 0.5(Average) Effects: Foe AoE Paralyzed for 3 sec, Sickened for 8 sec vs Will(+10 Accuracy)

Sever the Soul: 1 per Rest Speed: Average Area of Effect: 2.5m(base) Interrupt: 0.5(Average) Effects: Foe Target Weakened for 10 sec

Unique Talents[edit | edit source]

The Watcher has access to some bonus talents not available to any other character or companion. These are often given out as quest rewards depending on the quest's outcome. For a list of these extra talents, see the Talent page.

Story[edit | edit source]

Encampment caravan.jpg

The player is traveling through the Eastern Reach with a ragtag caravan making its way toward the Gilded Vale, when the caravan must stop for the night and camp by the edge of a forest, near some ancient ruins. Unfortunately, you've decided to make camp in the wrong part of the woods, and soon your party is ambushed.

The player witnesses an extraordinary and horrific supernatural event that thrusts them into a unique and difficult circumstance. Burdened with the consequences of this event, the player must investigate what has happened in order to free themselves from the restless forces that follow and haunt them wherever they go.

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