The Veins of Eora

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The Veins of Eora
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The Veins of Eora is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Eothas is drawing essence from the pillars of luminous adra in the region. Whatever he means to do with all this power, tracking down these pillars may be the only way to pick up his trail. Unfortunately, the Watcher can't sense Eothas' presence any longer, which means they won't be able to track him down directly. But if Eothas is using the luminous adra pillars throughout the Deadfire Archipelago as a source of energy, they may be able to pick up his trail again by finding more luminous adra sites.

Many have come to the Huana city of Neketaka to seek their fortunes in luminous adra. If anyone knows where any large pillars of note may be found, they're likely to find them there.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Neketaka is some distance north and slightly east of Port Maje. Follow the reef toward the city. Moments after launching, however, you're accosted by a ship flying the Principi flag and Captain Furrante. After an exchange of pleasantries - and a mind invasion by Serafen who accompanies him - he will explain the situation with Benweth and the problem he represents.
  • After you make headway towards Neketaka, you will have a special scripted interaction with Berath, who will announce herself with bells - lots and lots of bells. Then you will appear in her realm at an audience before five gods: Berath, Skaen, Woedica, Magran, and Hylea. The gods will mostly argue among themselves and only occasionally ask for your opinion, revealing that they're as confused by Eothas as you are - and a good deal less polite than people think they are (except for Hylea).
  • Once you arrive at Neketaka, you will be accosted by the local harbormaster - and Berath will instruct you to show them who you are. You can try to repress it, but eventually you will make an entrance, demonstrating the souls you have in tow to the harbormaster who will flee in panic together with her coterie. So much for subtlety. Head to the palace in Serpent's Crown.
  • When you first enter the palace, you automatically enter the throne room where the Vailian count is arguing with the Rauataian hazanui over the destruction of Hasongo. The Queen will use her cipher talents to talk to you directly, then use you as a convenient pawn to maintain the balance of power at Neketaka: Sending you to investigate Hasongo and figure out what happened there. The hazanui will insist on you taking Maia Rua along, as it's a Rauataian colony. This will also start The Brass Empire. Nirro will immediately demand that the Republics have their eye on everything too and assign Pallegina to your side.
  • This concludes the quest.