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The Shipwright's Plight

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The Shipwright's Plight
PE2 Cotta.png
Quest region 
Neketaka - Queen's Berth
Quest giver 
NPCs involved
Experience gained
Total XP
XP type
XP level
Outcomes & Rewards
Buy Radora's comission
Kill Cotta
Force Zamar to accept Príncipi terms
  • -10% discount at the shipyard shop
  • Positive reputation with Príncipi sen Patrena
  • Copper pands (cp)700 (200 in advance, 500 when talking to Cotta after informing Zamar about the deal)
Quest ID

The Shipwright's Plight is a task in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Captain Radora owes money to Zamar the shipwright. Zamar's debts have left him vulnerable to a local pirate gang, and he seeks a way out of his troubles.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Head over to the shipyard in Queen's Berth and talk to Zamar to learn that Captain Radora reneged on her payments. You are asked to track her down at The Wild Mare.

Find Captain Radora
  • Talk to Radora at The Wild Mare, or Tiela - an emaciated girl watching the magic show at the northern back alley, or both.
    • Captain Radora will tell that cutpurses ambushed her and stole Zamar's coin. The thugs got the drop on her in the northern alleys of Queen's Berth. With Streetwise 2 you can connect this gang to the pirates pressuring the old shipwright.
    • Tiela will tell you that the pirates pressuring Zamar are the very same thugs who robbed Radora, also that they only appear at night. You can skip Radora if you talk to her. Incidentally, you can give the emaciated girl an egg if you have any.
Confront Cotta (optional)
  • Find Cotta and his gang in the alley at night. You can:
    • Attack. The Príncipi thugs will keep bothering Zamar as long as they're alive. Killing them can be difficult at lower levels, as you're up against a well-balanced group of Príncipi with a powerful wolf companion. Upon disposing of them, return to Zamar.
      • The fight can be easily dealt with by targeting the middle Powder Barrel of the three on the corner (with a gun, fire or electric attack). The explosion will kill nearly all of the group and leave the farthest gang member back in the alley and possibly the wolf. Beware to approach the discussion with your highest reflex or HP party member.
      • You can target the Powder Barrel before the discussion, pause just before it explodes and start the discussion. The barrels will explode as soon as combat starts, giving no time for the enemies to run around so you can position your front line out of the blast zone.
      • Afterwards, you can return to Radora to get moderate positive reputation with the Vailian Trading Company.
      • You can attack the gang early in the conversation with Cotta, without incuring any disposition or reputation gain (or loss):
        1. [Pull spirits from the In-Between] or [Say nothing]
        2. "Someone robbed Captain Radora. (...)"
        3. "[Attack] Only cowards attack from behind."
    • Intimidate 4 - Threaten Cotta to leave Zamar alone (Animal Cruelty). You lose moderate reputation with the Príncipi. This will turn into a fight unless you pass one of the following check (plus another minor reputation lost with the Príncipi):
    • Follow through with Cotta's plan: Force Zamar on an "exclusive contract" for the Príncipi, which results in a minor reputation gain with the Príncipi, a minor negative with Maia if she's present, and Copper pands (cp)700 (Copper pands (cp)200 in advance and Copper pands (cp)500 after completion). Note that you can still go back on your word and attack them after agreeing to the deal.
Go back to Zamar
  • If you avoided Cotta and his gang altogether, tell him Radora was robbed and offer to buy her commission. You'll get 4 Iron Thunderer for Copper pands (cp)1,000 (Copper pands (cp)1,500 if you have Maia with you, and if you have a Rational disposition of 2 Zamar will knock the price down to 500 if you question whether that is "all you get"). The cannons cost Copper pands (cp)4,800 if you buy it normally without any discount so it's a good buy. Even if you don't need the cannons, you can sell them for Copper pands (cp)960. You can still go talk to Cotta even after having bought Radora's commission. However, you'll not be able to make any meaningful conversation with them, i.e. the dialogue pertaining to Zamar and Radora isn't available.
  • If you dealt with Cotta, tell him the pirates won't be bothering him anymore. You can still offer to buy Radora's commission like the above option.
  • If you agreed to Cotta's deal, convince him to work for the Príncipi. Unless you reported that Radora was robbed beforehand, no cannons for you. Note that you can still go back and kill Cotta. Just shoot the Powder Barrel and cast fireball on top of it.
  • You get 10% discount at Zamar's shop regardless of how you resolve the situation.

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID Objectives
0 The Shipwright's Plight
10000 Captain Radora owes money to Zamar the shipwright. Zamar's debts have left him vulnerable to a local pirate gang, and he seeks a way out of his troubles.
1 Track down Captain Radora.
10001 One of Zamar's clients is late on delivering payment. Zamar asked me to track down Captain Radora at the Wild Mare in Queen's Berth and retrieve the coin she owes.
20003 If Radora can't pay for her commission, Zamar will make it available for purchase. Ondra knows my ship needs every advantage it can get.
20007 Captain Radora is dead, which is going to make it real hard for her to pay for her commission.
20006 Captain Radora is dead. If there really is a pirate gang out there, I'll have to find it myself.
2 Find the pirate gang that mugged Radora.
10002 Cutpurses ambushed Captain Radora and stole Zamar's coin. The thugs got the drop on her in the northern alleys of Queen's Berth.
20001 The leader of this pirate gang travels with a pet wolf.
20005 The gang sleeps by day and makes trouble in the alleys by night.
20006 Captain Radora is dead. If there really is a pirate gang out there, I'll have to find it myself.
3 Confront the alley thugs.
10003 I've found the miscreants responsible for Zamar's troubles. They've been haunting the alleys of Queen's Berth.
20004 Cotta claims that he doesn't have Radora's money anymore.
4 Return to Zamar at the Queen's Berth docks.
10004 The pirate thugs have been dealt with, and they shouldn't bother Zamar any longer.
5 Return to Zamar at the Queen's Berth docks.
10005 The pirates promised to cut me in on their deal if I convinced Zamar to accept it. It's just a question of whether or not he cooperates with the arrangement.
End states
No 30000 Someone critical to the completion of this quest was killed
Yes 30001 I got rid of the Príncipi thugs for Zamar, who offered me a discount in return.
Yes 30002 I convinced Zamar to accept an arrangement with the Príncipi.
Yes 30003 I decided to help Zamar by providing him with the capital he didn't get from Captain Radora. Now that he's under less pressure, Zamar can get back to work.