The Seeds of Deception

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The Seeds of Deception [FS]
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The Black Isles
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The Seeds of Deception is a quest in The Forgotten Sanctum.


Llengrath/Tayn requested I search for an ancient arcane artifact of Engwith while I explore the body of Wael.


If you sided with the same wizard on Root and Branch and A Shout in the Dark, then the one you helped (Llengrath or Tayn) will request that you find the Godseed. The reward changes depending on which Archmage you choose to help.

Llengrath or Tayn will motion for you to talk to them, and reveal their plans to acquire the Godseed. Speak to either party and accept the quest.

Descend into the Upper Bowels of Wael and collect two of the pieces of the Godseed. One is found on a pedestal to the mid-left, just under the Observation Centre. The Archives Subbasement houses the second part and also contains spores and the player has to fight (depending on your previous choices). Jump down the Passage to the Depths and fight the boss below. The final piece will be on a pillar. Take it and return.

You can either keep the Godseed, or give it to your respective Archmage. Keeping it allows you to upgrade a weapon to mythic.

If you choose to give the artifact to Llengrath, you will be rewarded with her nearly crying from happiness, eternal gratitude and Glasanam Argûes, among other assorted loot.

Giving the Godseed to Tayn will get you great banter and Tayn's Gratitude, among other loot.


ID Objectives
0 The Seeds of Deception
10000 Llengrath requested I search for an ancient arcane artifact of Engwith while I explore the body of Wael.
Alternate descriptions
40001 Tayn wants me to retrieve an artifact from the body of Wael - a godseed, the mechanism and blueprints to build a god's body from scratch.
1 Access the body of Wael.
10001 I won't be able to explore the body if I don't find a way to enter it. I must gain access to the titanic form.
2 Enter Wael's body.
10002 I've gained access to the massive entity below. I can now descend into the fleshy depths.
3 Search Wael's body for the artifact.
10003 Now that I've entered Wael's body, I can search it for the artifact.

I shouldn't think about that too hard.

20000 I located what appears to be part of an arcane artifact.
20001 I located a second piece of the artifact.
4 Search the Heart of Mystery.
10004 I've found two pieces of the artifact, but the core still seems to be missing. I might find it deeper within the body.
5 Return the godseed.
10005 I've located the complete artifact. Now I should return it to the archmage.
End states
Yes 30000 I turned the godseed over to Tayn.
Yes 30001 I granted the godseed to Llengrath.
Yes 30002 I returned the schema to the Oracle of Wael.
- 30003 I kept the pieces of the godseed for myself.
- 30004 Llengrath won't speak to me given how I resolved the issue of Wael's body. I suppose the godseed artifact belongs to me now.