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The Rising Tide [WM2]
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The Iron Flail

The Rising Tide is a main quest in Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part II.

It is automatically obtained after completing the Iron Flail.

Overview[edit | edit source]

After resolving the situation at the Iron Flail Fort, the Watcher sets out to investigate the two visions during the Iron Flail:

To find answers, the Watcher must journey to the Abbey of the Fallen Moon, hidden far up in the mountains of the White March.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Infiltrating the Abbey, posing as the Tidebringer[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to the Abbey of the Fallen Moon on the world map.
  2. Convince the guards that you're the tidebringer.
  3. Locate and talk to Kaoto in the Halls of Presence, inside the Abbey.
    Note: If you ask about either Reliquary or the Eyeless, Kaoto will become hostile and attack.
  4. You must pass a recitation ritual. The lore can be found in three places:
    Note: You can pass the recitation ritual without gathering clues with Lore 10.
    1. A mural in the northern part of the Abbey courtyard.
    2. Some talk with Baesca in the Halls of the Fallen Moon.
    3. The book The Giftbearer's Pilgrimage in the Library to the west, inside the Abbey.
  5. Return to Kaoto to begin the ritual of recitation.
    1. "I am Saman - the Flood."
    2. "I give myself, for a Giftbearer has no other tokens to offer."
    3. "I have none, for all that belongs to Ondra is forgotten."
  6. Having passed the ritual, Kaoto will admit you to the Halls of Silence. He'll give you two keys:
    1. The High Abboth's Key: opens Kaoto's Quarters.
    2. A Steel-banded key: opens The Vault of Forgotten Thoughts, which contains the Salt Well.
      Note: Maneha's companion quest, the Burden of Memory, is completed in this Vault.
  7. Enter the Halls of Silence and unlock the gate to the quarters of the Low Tide.
  8. Go to the Pool of the Anointed.
  9. Interact with the lever on the left wall. All nearby cells will open, and the monks will come rushing out. They'll become hostile, so prepare for a battle.
  10. Enter the gate you opened. Speak with Farentis if you want. Farentis is the previous High Abbot. He will ask that you open the gates to let the Low Tide escape.
  11. Make your way to The Rising Waterway and solve the picture puzzle.
    1. City in flames
    2. Tidal wave
    3. Barren shore
    4. Flourishing city
  12. Continue to the Chamber of Tears. Use the lever found there. You have two choices of action:
    1. Open the gates and let the Low Tide run away. This will make Kaoto and his High Tide hostile.
    2. Perform the Rising and flood the Lower Tide quarters, drowning them to make way for a new cycle of Tide.
  13. You'll receive Ondra's Witness.
  14. Head back to Kaoto. Meet him at the Veil of Tears. To get there, enter the Halls of Presence and use the stairs to the southwest for Reliquary.
  15. Fight Kaoto. Depending on your dialogue choices, a few of the Ondrites may turn on him and help you in the fight.
  16. Enter the Reliquary grounds and interact with the metal piece found inside the mouth of the skull.
  17. Commune with Ondra.
  18. The Rising Tide will be complete. You automatically get the next quest, Lair of the Eyeless.

Alternative entry[edit | edit source]

You can skip the entire Halls of Presence, Kaoto's recitation ritual and the Abbey courtyard, going straight to the Halls of Silence.

  1. Go the the outcropping in the southeastern corner of the map.
  2. Swing accross the chasm, using a Rope and Grappling Hook. A Dexterity 18 check needs to be passed.

The rest is about the same as above, from point 8 on: Continue through the Halls of Silence, as you would above, and use Ondra's Witness to either release or drown the Low Tide. Talk to Kaoto. Meet him upstairs at the Veil of Tears. Fight him. Commune with Ondra. Finish the quest.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]


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