The Recluse of the White March

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The Recluse of the White March [WM1]
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Main quest
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Finish the quest
  • Access to the Battery
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The Recluse of the White March is a main quest of Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part I.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Galvino, an eccentric smith and animancer, lives in the shadow of Durgan's Battery. He may know something of interest about the keep. He may have something useful to say about the keep.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You automatically get this quest when you first talk to mayor Renengild in Stalwart in the course of the Durgan's Battery quest. First, you need to reach Galvino in his cabin and ask him about getting into the Battery, to receive Galvino's resonance amplifier. Then use it on the denizens of Stalwart to find someone with a soul that belonged to the Battery dwarves, so that you can learn the cantec leading into the Battery.

There are two candidates:

  • Owynna is the easier conversation but her soul will be permanently awakened.
  • Taena is the more dangerous choice but you can push the awakened soul back down and end up with a positive result for Taena. You need to pass one of the following checks in order to succeed:
    • Lore 7 and Resolve or Constitution 18.
    • Perception 15 or Resolve 16.
    • (You receive an another possible check if you visit the gate to Durgan's battery and listen to the two ghosts first for Resolve 17)

After you learn the cantec, you only need the relief from the Ogre Matron and you're good to go.