The Proving

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The Proving
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Well, looks like you get a heads up
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Complete the quest
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The Crucible

The Proving is a quest in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

As the Watcher sets sail on the Deadfire, the Steward requests their presence. It seems someone has slipped a crate onto the ship, one marked as "beans", but which contains nothing of the sort.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • You receive the notification that the Steward wants to talk to you when you enter the world map after installing the DLC. Go down to the ship, then into the hold. The Steward will explain the situation and point you towards the box, which sits in the hold, northeastern end. Interact with it.
Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.
Not far in you find the crate in question, its sides split by crowbars, the dry grass used as packing material spilled across the floor. Within stands an intricately crafted chest of some dark tropical wood. A polished visage peers up at you - a triumvirate of wild animal faces carved in the swirling Huana style.

The front of the chest bears an iron latch affixed to a complex iron mechanism that runs to the top four corners of the chest. You see no bolts or keyholes.

  • The mysterious package is an ornately carved box. With Religion 5, you can identify the spider, stelgaer, and boar carved on it as representations of Toamowhai, the shapeshifting god of the island wilds. Mechanics 5 allows for inspecting the package for traps (there are none).
  • The box will contain a severed head. The Watcher powers will let a spirit of an aumaua coalesce in the hold. Muātu will request your aid as a Watcher, at the island of Kazuwari (west of Hasongo). Konstanten will pitch in and suggest that you throw the entire box overboard, but refuse to explain in detail just why.
  • Head over to Kazuwari. Before you make land at the secret waterfall, you are visited by one of Galawain's beasts, then by the god of the hunt himself. Chewing you out for trying to come to the island (and wrecking Cignath Mór if you did it), he will warn you to leave the island (which, of course, is pretty much a direct invitation for the Watcher).
  • Land and make your way over to Rebūtara Pass. You will be accosted by druids with lots and lots of boars, led by Hateno and Scibéal. Dealing with them diplomatically is difficult, largely impossible, even if you dealt with the aumaua hermit on Maje Island and acquired the Wise Teeth Necklace or brought Konstanten along. Fighting them can be challenging, as you're fighting four druids/rangers backed up by a razorback group.
  • After wiping them out, Konstanten will reveal that he was a part of the contests at the island and quit while he was still ahead. He will also offer to provide insight and information wherever you go. Your goal is the arena in the center, accessible either through the well at Huaba Maha Depths or the doors at Hiuahariki Depths (see Kazuwari for details). The wardens who intercept you at the entrance will greet and direct you to talk to Himuihi.
  • However, first you need to ascend to the spectator stands at the arena and witness the slaughter in the ring. The Faces will celebrate those vanquished in the fight for their contribution, before Humaire approaches you and welcomes to the Crucible. To progress, you will need to visit the Pool of Memories in the Temple and complete all four challenges in the Rite of Passage category.
  • The third battle will pit the Watcher against Maerwald and introduce the mechanic of offering artifacts in exchange for challenges, using the Ceremonial Obsidian Knife as a tutorial. Offering artifacts unlocks new challenges (see Pool of Memories for details). The final battle is against one other team in the Crucible, which determines who rises to the top. The Watcher must kill the other team if they are to help the island.
  • Once the orlan is down, you choose what to do with his soul: Return it to the Crucible and Kazuwari, channel it into Muatu, absorb it, or send the essence to the wheel. This has a direct effect on the endings.