The Nest Above the Clouds

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The Nest Above the Clouds
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Side quest
Occurs in
Act 3
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The Nest Above the Clouds is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A menace roosts in Hylea's temple, and it has scattered her worshipers. The Watcher has been tasked with facing this threat.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The quest is acquired either by talking to Hylea's worshippers Casfath and Onŵen in Oldsong, or by praying to Hylea in the Council of Stars main quest (or both). The latter method is connected to the Court of the Penitents main quest. Starting the quest gives 1350 exp.

The Sky Dragon is located in the area the Temple of Hylea. This is only accessible through the area Northweald (specifically, via a stone stairway in the upper left of the Northweald map).

  • You can allow the Sky Dragon to stay. You can only do this if you don't say anything to imply that she is doing something wrong.
  • You can make the Sky Dragon leave after mortally wounding it.Verify
  • You can simply kill the Sky Dragon, which rewards you with 2808 exp from bestiary entry, and an Extraordinary reputation increase with Twin Elms. You can also loot it for 2 Sky Dragon Eye.

In nearby bone piles you can find the unique War Hammer Godansthunyr and the ring Pensiavi mes Rèi. However, if you did not kill the Sky Dragon, and you get caught stealing, you will have to fight her. You can however use stealth mode to get both loot from the pile of bones and in the wurm's without getting caught.

No matter what you chose, you will earn 1350 in partial quest experience from talking to the Sky Dragon.

To conclude the quest go back and report to whomever you got the quest from.

  • If you got the quest from Casfath and Onŵen, and you killed the Sky Dragon, they will reward you with 7000 Copper pands (cp). Otherwise, Onŵen will be angry with you, but Casfath advises suspending judgment until Hylea's opinion is heard. To hear this, you must talk to them before going back to Hylea.
  • If you got the quest from Hylea, she will grant you her favor (and assist in getting you safely into the pit in Court of the Penitents) if you killed the Sky Dragon, or if you convince her that not doing so was the right thing (don't mention death and destruction). You gain Moderate reputation with Twin Elms.

You earn 4050 additional exp at this point, for a total of 6750.

Finishing this quest does not mean you have to accept Hylea's help in Council of Stars.

Of note is that there is a bonus dialogue between Hylea and Pallegina if she is in the party when you return for Hylea's help.

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID End Description
10000 A menace roosts in Hylea's temple, and it has scattered her worshippers. I've been tasked with facing this threat.
1 Travel to Hylea's temple.
10001 In the mountains above Twin Elms, something sinister haunts Hylea's temple. I've been asked to confront this terror and putting an end to it.
20000 High Priest Casfath and High Priestess Onŵen told me about the dragon and suggested I seek counsel from Hylea herself. I may be able to communicate with the goddess at Teir Evron, in the Elms' Reach district.
20002 In the goddess's vision, I saw her followers terrorized and struck down by a terrible menace. Presumably, removing that threat will earn me her favor.
20001 The vision showed me a male and female elf who fled the mountaintop. Last I saw, they were hiding in a ring of stones, the ruin of an older temple in Twin Elms. If there's a district of the city with other temples, I may be able to find the elves there. They could show me the way to Hylea's temple.
20007 A local explained that Hylea's temple lies through the Northweald and at the top of a mountain. Casfath and Onŵen, the two priests, are in Oldsong, however.
20003 The priests Casfath and Onŵen confirmed that a dragon roosts in the Nest, Hylea's temple. They warned that the beast will prove a considerable challenge, but they explained that the way to the Nest lies through a mountain pass in Oldsong and along the cliffs of the Northweald.
20006 I've arrived at the Northweald, a forest outside of Twin Elms. The steps leading up to the Nest are carved in the steep cliffs that border the northern edge of this wilderness.
2 Confront the beast.
10002 I have reached the peak of the mountain and Hylea's temple. Something very large has been here recently.
3 Petition Hylea at Teir Evron in Elms' Reach.

I have dealt with the dragon and its young, and the Nest is now safe for Hylea's followers.

Hylea may be willing to grant me a favor in return for my aid. I can pray to her at Teir Evron.

20004 Casfath and Onŵen were very happy to hear that the Nest had been cleared. They suggested I speak to Hylea, who will surely reward me for my efforts.
5 Petition Hylea at Teir Evron in Elms' Reach.

I decided to let the dragon and wurmling stay in Hylea's temple. It seems to me that the goddess of flight and motherhood would value the lives of these creatures, too.

Hopefully the goddess will understand my perspective. I can pray to her at Teir Evron.

20005 Casfath and Onŵen were less than pleased with my decision to let the creatures stay. Still, perhaps Hylea will see things differently.
30000 I killed the dragon and wurm, making the Nest safe for Hylea's followers again. Some things must die so that other creation can flourish.
30001 I allowed the dragon to stay. I revealed to Hylea that the creature had come seeking a safe place to raise its offspring and that these creatures also deserved a chance at life. She seemed to agree.
30002 I mortally wounded the dragon, but at the last minute, I allowed it to flee with the wurm. I doubt either will survive long, but I explained to Hylea that even these creatures deserved a chance at life.
30003 When I explained to Hylea that I'd let the dragon stay to nurture its young, the goddess seemed pleased. However, I later went back and fought the beasts. I don't think Hylea approves of my change of heart.
30004 I allowed the dragon to stay in Hylea's temple. The goddess was not pleased - I'll have to turn to another deity for help.
30005 I allowed the dragon to stay. I convinced Hylea that these creatures also create beauty and wonder and that they deserve to live. She seemed to agree.