The Man Who Waits

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The Man Who Waits
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Patient in the Sanitarium
Main quest
Occurs in
Act 2
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What the blazes happened down there? You were given permission to ask questions!
~ Head Warden Ethelmoer

The Man Who Waits is a main quest in Pillars of Eternity.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Complete Never Far from the Queen.
  2. Go to the Sanitarium in Brackenbury.
  3. Gain access to the Patient Ward.
  4. Gain access to the North Ward.
  5. Talk to the patient at the end of the hall.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You automatically get this quest when completing Never Far from the Queen.

Ask the Justiciars around town for a place, where the mentally ill would be treated, and learn about the Sanitarium in the Brackenbury district of Defiance Bay. Visit that place.

Inside, speak with Head Warden Ethelmoer. Tell him you believe, somebody in the sanitarium is working for the Leaden Key, and that you would like to meet this person. He points you to the animancers working here, they should best know about unusual behaviour of certain employees or patients. The only thing he expects in return is to get informed about the things you discover.

Neither Nans, Audmer, Bellasege or Moedred have useful information for you, though the latter mentions that the patients fall under the responsibility of Caedman Azo. You find his assistant Riply in the – formerly locked – second room to the right of the basement's hallway. Speaking with her give hints about Azo being experimenting with some of the patients. Additionally, his records can be found in a locked drawer on his desk. You need to gain access to the Patient Ward, which usually is only allowed to Azo himself, to progress in your matter.

Only the headwarden could grant you this, but he also will be very interested in the informations and evidence you found. Go back upstairs and speak to Ethelmoer about your discoveries. He's not amused and informs the guards, standing at the northern door of the basement's hallway, to unlock it for you and your party. Go downstairs again and enter the Patient Ward.

Some guards keep watch over the area, assisted by Flesh Constructs. Patients are roaming. You meet Freyol, who, if spoken to, not only tells you her story, but has some useful information about Azo and his activities, too, even points you to his laboratory in the eastern area of the Ward. To the north you find a locked door, guarded by another Flesh Construct, no access.

Following the corridor from the common room to the east, you come about a door to your right. Enter, and in the back of this laboratory you meet Caedman Azo, working on his experiments and with some machines. Your Perception might help you in getting the key for the North Ward; you also could kill him for it. If you're interested in some more detailed informations, that also allow you to understand things better that happen later, you can use what you've learnt from Freyol to talk with him about his doings here, his history, and his sights about animancy.

Finally enter the North Ward. You find yourself in a hallway, four cells on both sides and one at the far end, with small, barred holes, through which you could talk to the cell's inmates. Idelman and Battixa don't provide useful information, but Gram in the third cell on the left allows you to touch his soul, which gives you insight in the experiments, Azo was conducting, and pointing you to this last cell at the end of the corridor, transferring some vision about a "boy" and a Flesh Construct and a collapse. Some of your companions may argue about the desolate situation here, about animancy, research and humanity.

After this, go to that door, speak through it, and gain an impression of the adolescent boy called Uscgrim, whose soul you can reach out for, too. Learn about things, this "boy" has done during his hospitalization here, get the backstory of Azo's failure and eventually meet somebody you know from somewhere. You can demand answers or a solution to your situation from him, but at the end his soul will disappear, leaving you and your party alone with the now crazy patients and possessed Flesh Constructs. A fight begins, the quest ends, the man you're looking for escaped.

After making your way back through the hallways and corridors of the Patient Ward, encountering more Constructs and some corpses on the ground, the only "reasonable" person left – if you didn't kill him earlier –, is Caedman Azo in his lab. He begs you to clear him of all suspicion when speaking to the Headwarden again. The decision about this is yours, and you might even attack him now for his deeds, but you don't have the option to enlighten him about the background of his failure.

When entering the main hall of the first floor, you are addressed by Head Warden Ethelmoer, who's concerned by the ongoings in the basement. You could excuse Azo now, for being influenced by a patient, you could excuse that patient Uscgrim, for not knowing he was working for the Leaden Key, or you could outright state, you had killed that Leaden Key agent, which led to him possessing a Construct and so on… Ethelmoer tells you, he has heard of accounts of such things, even suggests, it was all the same person, but in the end he's simply relieved, you eradicated the threat to the institute. Questioned about Azo's involvement, you now can choose between a neutral, a defending or an accusing path. Depending on your choice, Ethelmoer eventually decides Azo's fate.

When you leave the sanitarium, a messenger approaches you, telling, Lady Webb of Dunryd Row wishes to meet with you as soon as possible at Hadret House, adding the quest The Hermit of Hadret House to your journal.

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID End Description
10000 The Leaden Key Acolyte showed me a vision of an agent in a "place of misery and madness." I need to find this agent and discover his or her plan to see if it holds any clues to finding the man I'm searching for.
15 Find the "place of misery and madness."
10015 The Leaden Key Acolyte showed me a wealthy neighborhood that also housed misery and madness. There was someone waiting there, a "prisoner by choice."

If I am to find this person I will need to find this neighborhood. Perhaps the guards will know of it.

1 Speak to the Head Warden of Brackenbury Sanitarium.
10001 I should confer with the head warden of the sanitarium, Ethelmoer, about how to proceed with my search for the Leaden Key there.
2 Question the animancers about suspicious activity.
10002 Head Warden Ethelmoer invited me to speak to the animancers in the sanitarium and see if they've noticed anything unusual that might point me to any Leaden Key involvement here.
20003 Audmer told me that if anything strange was happening at the sanitarium, it would be taking place in the lower level.
20001 Moedred mentioned that the sanitarium patients are more agitated than normal, and that Caedman Azo is responsible for their care.
20002 Cafden thinks Caedman Azo has been running experiments even though Azo has been forbidden from doing so.
20005 Nans said she's been too involved in her own research to pay much attention to what else is going on at the sanitarium.
20013 Bellasege claims she wouldn't be the right person to ask about anyone's behavior.
20016 I have found patient records suggesting that Caedman Azo has been experimenting on a patient named Gram against his will.
3 Talk to Ethelmoer about Azo.
10003 Caedman Azo was absent from his office, and he's evidently been running some secret experiments. I should take this up with the head warden. Whether this is connected to the Leaden Key's operations remains to be seen.
4 Investigate the patient ward.
10004 I have been given access by the head warden to enter the patient ward. The animancer in charge of the patients, Caedman Azo, has been running unauthorized experiments. His suspicious behavior is my best lead toward finding the Leaden Key agent.
20008 I killed Azo, but I might be able to find something useful in his research notes.
5 Interview patients.
10005 Azo claims he's had little time to observe patients of late. He suggested that the "more functional" patients in the front of the ward might be more likely to have seen unusual behavior.
6 Interview Gram in the North Ward.
10006 Freyol mentioned a man named Gram in the North Ward who has also been a frequent subject of Caedman Azo's experiments, and that Gram doesn't seem to be volunteering for the experiments. Gram may be able to shed light on whether Azo has been working with the Leaden Key.
20011 Freyol mentioned that Caedman Azo is the only one with access to the North Ward.
20015 I received the key to the North Ward from Azo. He was not pleased to give it.
13 Interview Gram in the North Ward.
10013 Azo's own records showed that he sometimes forced patients to undergo experiments even when they were unwilling. One patient from the North Ward, Gram, was a frequent test subject. Gram may be able to shed light on whether Azo has been working with the Leaden Key.
20009 When confronted, Azo admitted that treating Gram in that way was unethical, but insisted that I speak to Gram and see his improvement for myself.
20012 Freyol mentioned that Caedman Azo is the only one with access to the North Ward.
20014 I received the key to the North Ward from Azo. He was not pleased to give it.
14 Search for the Leaden Key agent.
10014 Since I've turned the sanitarium against me, I'll have to find the Leaden Key agent on my own. He or she should still be somewhere inside the sanitarium.
7 Speak to the patient at the end of the hall.
10007 A look into the soul of a half-crazed patient named Gram revealed strange behavior by a boy at the far end of the North Ward.
8 Subdue Uscgrim.
10008 I have discovered that the patient Uscgrim has been possessed by the man I've been searching for. He must be subdued so I can learn from him how I might be able to undo my Awakening.
30000 I uncovered a Leaden Key operative in the sanitarium. He has the ability to possess those with weak souls, and was using one of the patients to influence Caedman Azo's animancy research.