The Long Hunt

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The Long Hunt
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The Long Hunt is Sagani's personal quest.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Let Sagani join your party.
  2. Travel to Pearlwood Bluff and soul-read the cliffs.
  3. Travel to Elmshore and soul-read the adra arch.
  4. Travel to Northweald and soul-read the wounded stag.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Find Sagani in Woodend Plains to begin the quest. She is looking for the reincarnation of a former village elder, Persoq. Your character initially sees a vision of cliffs overlooking water. In order to complete each step of the quest, Sagani must be in your party.

Travel to the cliffs in Pearlwood Bluff to initiate a vision of a forest with an adra arch.

Travel to the adra arch at Elmshore to initiate a vision of a burned forest with ruins.

  • With Hiravias in the party, you will get Journal 20006.
  • With Lore 9, you will get Journal 20007.
  • With Survival 12, you will get Journal 20008.

Travel to the north side of Northweald, near the entrance of Northweald Cave, where hunters (Fang tribe) have mortally wounded the white stag that Persoq's soul inhabits. You decide what Sagani will say to Persoq, this will influence the game ending.

After the stag dies, Sagani is unhappy with the hunter's attitude.

  • If you say, "You've performed your ritual, Sagani. Let them have theirs." or appeal to your reputation with the Fangs, or just say that it doesn't matter what Sagani tells Persoq you can avoid a fight. First option additionally gives you minor reputation increase with the Fangs.
  • Otherwise, a fight follows (loot: only a few fine equipment pieces and some money, around 1500 coppers (cp) all in all), and you lose Moderate Reputation with the Fangs.

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID End Description
10000 Sagani, a dwarf from the southern island of Naasitaq, has come to the Dyrwood searching for the reincarnation of Persoq, an elder from her village. She's been journeying for five years now.

The other villagers gave her Persoq's adra figurine, which contains a piece of his soul. She's been using it to track him, but it's gotten harder to pinpoint his location as she's gotten closer. When she learned that I'm a Watcher, she asked for my help.

When Sagani is traveling with me, my unique sensitivities will allow me to see traces of where Persoq - or whoever he is now - has been.

1 Travel to the cliffs you saw in the vision.

When I examined the bear statuette, I felt as though I were standing atop cliffs overlooking the water. Persoq - whoever he is now - must be here.


Pallegina recognized the place based on my description. She said she saw bluffs like these on the coast, just south of Defiance Bay, on her voyage to the Dyrwood.

20001 The breeze smelled salty. These cliffs are near the ocean.

I have come to Pearlwood Bluff, which reminds me of the vision I had of Persoq. I will have to keep my eyes out for signs of him here.

2 Find the adra arch in the woods.

Persoq had already left by the time we reached Pearlwood Bluff. But I saw another vision, and this time, he was deep in the woods, running toward an adra arch.

20002 The deep ruts in the road suggested heavy wagon traffic. This place can't be far from a big city.
20003 Eder had seen the arch before. He said it's on the shores of Bael Lake, on the oppposite side as Twin Elms.

I've heard of this arch. There are several adra pillars near it.


Based on the moist soil and the river reed in the area, I'm guessing the arch is close to a large body of fresh water.


I overheard that the floodwaters have receded. We may stand a better chance of finding Persoq now.

3 Locate the forest from the latest vision.

We found the adra arch at Elmshore, and I saw another vision. This time, Persoq was standing in a forest surrounded by blackened trees and crumbling ruins. He was with a group of Glanfathan hunters.


Hiravias knew the forest I described. He said it's north of Twin Elms.


The War of Black Trees had obviously touched this place. Many of the fiercest battles took place just outside Glanfathan cities and villages.


I think this forest is on the slope of a mountain somewhere. The ground was rocky, the trees were mostly evergreens, and the air was cool and thin.


We finally found Persoq. He was a stag, and he'd been wounded by hunters. Nevertheless, Sagani told him about the changes Massuk has been through and how the villagers have remembered him. I think the trial reaffirmed her sense of purpose.


We finally found Persoq. He was a stag, and he'd been wounded by hunters. Nevertheless, Sagani told him about his family. I think the ordeal reminded her of how she misses her husband and children.


We finally found Persoq. He was a stag, and he'd been wounded by hunters. Sagani seemed to realize that this was merely a ritual for the comfort of her people back in Massuk. She recited the names of her fellow villagers, but I think she found the entire act rather meaningless.


We never found Persoq's reincarnation.