The Lighted Path

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The Lighted Path
PE2 The Lighted Path.png
Companion quest
Quest giver
NPCs involved
Outcomes & Rewards
Fail to stop the Partisans
Save Bearn - Convince him not to drink the poison
Save Bearn - Resuscitate him after he drinks the poison
Fail to stop Bearn from drinking the poison

The Lighted Path is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Edér is interested in reconnecting with a woman he used to know who supposedly settled in Deadfire with the Children of the Dawnstars.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Eder will ask you to find his former flame, Elafa, who supposedly settled in the Deadfire. Head to the Temple of Gaun in Neketaka and talk to Nordagand, who will reveal that she settled near Hasongo.

Partisans of the Lighted Path[edit | edit source]

  • Much later, when you actually get to Hasongo, Eder will be concerned with the destruction caused by Eothas, despite the fact there was a Dawnstar settlement on the island. You will need to complete A Distant Light before continuing, which has you exploring every area in Hasongo.
  • After completing Hasongo, Bearn appears at the docks, amongst a group of farmers bowing down to the great, muddy footprints left in Eothas' wake. Talk to him to ask if he's seen or heard about Elafa (his mother), though he doesn't seem to react or show interest. You'll learn that Bearn's father was lost to the Purges, and that his mother died to the flu a few years prior. In the years following, Bearn has now become a follower of the Partisans of the Lighted Path, a Dawnstars sect/cult led by Gaderian Bosc with some strange militaristic views on Eothas' passing through the Deadfire. The sect encourages its followers to avoid non-believers, friends and family alike. Bearn shows no sadness or grief regarding his mothers death, but is seemingly happy, considering it as a blessing as she is now "marching beside the Shining God". Eder is understandably distraught to learn of her death, that Elafa's own son didn't recognize her description, and that the closest link to Elafa is more concerned with following Bosc than upholding her memory. Before you leave, Eder asks where he can meet this "Bosc". Bearn then points you to Ogne who initiates new Partisans at the Temple of Eothas in Neketaka, where they often gather.
  • Talk to Eder to get his thoughts. He's upset that Bearn has turned into someone who is nothing like his mother or father, someone who's seemingly been talked out of their own personality. Despite this, he thinks that it's a matter of circumstance, as he's alone in the Deadfire and perhaps he needed someone to replace the void left from his parents' deaths.

The Vanguard[edit | edit source]

  • Head to the Temple of Gaun and talk to Ogne, another cult member who's duty is to recruit new members. She'll tell you that the cult indeed intends to follow Eothas by boat, and as suicidal as that is, she believes that their followers must be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. You learn that there is a sub-group of the Partisans, the Vanguards, led by Gaderian Bosc himself, and will be "...the first to join the ranks of Eothas, the first to charge at his call." Eder recognizes that Bearn said something about the Vanguard, and thinks that he might be looking to join them - which indeed he is.
  • Keen on tracking down Bosc, you can convince Ogne to allow you to join the Vanguards with Bluff 7, Diplomacy 7, Religion 7, or as a Priest of Eothas.
    • If you pass the check, she says that it's too late to join the vanguard, but she'll tell you that their ship is docked in Neketaka and is set to depart at any moment.
    • If you don't, Eder will be honest and tell Ogne that he's concerned about Bearn being unable to truely understand what he's doing - to no avail. Upon travelling from The Sacred Stair, you'll come across Ogne again, this time with a few Partisans with her, adamant to stop you from attempting to "corrupt" the members of the Partisans. A fight ensues, after which you'll be pointed in the direction of the ship.
  • Head to the docks at Queen's Berth. Unfortunately, you're too late and the ship has left port. Deflated, but determined to reach Bearn, Eder asks you to promise him that you'll chase after him as soon as possible (if you deny him entirely, the quest will fail and Eder will leave the party permanently).
Partisans on the deck of their ship
  • At this point you'll have to chase down the vanguards, in a Children of the Dawnstars sloop "Eothas' Vanguard" as it heads north out of Neketaka towards Eothas. Note that you can take as much time as you want in Neketaka before leaving, the ship will only start moving once you leave port. They travel relatively slowly, so catching up is no issue. The ship starts a small distance east of Neketaka Island, heads directly north towards Magran's Teeth, travelling along the coast before anchoring just south of Razai Passage.
    • If you are too slow, and get to the ship after they anchor, you'll find that the Partisans have already taken their own lives. After you head belowdecks, you discover Bearn, already dead, along with the bodies of Bosc and the rest of the Partisans.
    • If you get to the ship before they anchor, you'll have to fight the Partisans on deck. Once they're dead, head belowdecks. Gaderian Bosc is mid-sentence, coaxing a hesitant, nervous Bearn into drinking the poison vial which hangs from his neck. Eder quickly intervenes, resulting in a rather tense standoff involving a number of checks in order to convince Bearn not to give in to Bosc. This requires you to pass 3 checks (over 5 checks) before Bearn gives in. If you fail 3 checks, or do not manage to pass 3 checks in time, Bearn will proceed to drink the vial.
      • Bluff 7, Diplomacy 7 or Insight 7.
      • Metaphysics 7, Religion 7, Diplomacy 8, or Priest of Eothas .
      • Resolve 14, Intellect 14, or Philosopher.
      • Intimidate 6, Priest of Eothas, Mercenary or Perception 14.
      • Ask your party for some helping words, Aloth has some particularly inspirational dialogue here. This always counts as a success.
    • If all else fails, he will proceed to drink the vial - but you still have a chance to save him, if you're quick:
      • Survival 6, followed by Survival 6: Induce vomiting.
      • Alchemy 6
      • Alchemy 4 (with Taru Turu Chew and Ripple Sponge): Craft an antidote that can help mitigate the poisons absorption and counteract some of its effects.
      • If you can't help him, as a Priest of any God, you can..., otherwise he will die.

Endings[edit | edit source]

If you save Bearn
  • If you manage to resuscitate Bearn after he drinks the poison, he'll be upset and confused that he's still living even though he had made the choice to sacrifice himself for his God. Eder tells him that he'll have a long time to think about whether what he did was the right thing or not.
  • If you successfully convince Bearn to drop the vial, Bosc will then ridicule Bearn for his betrayal to Eothas, and then proceed to kill himself. Bearn will be left shocked at what he was about to do - however is still convinced that by not following through, he has wronged Eothas and will never be forgiven. Eder will breathe a heavy sigh of relief.
  • After the ordeal, Eder feels that the most appropriate thing to do would be to take him back to Hasongo. Upon returning, Bearn is lost and confused - wondering what to say to Eothas when he meets him one day. Eder explains that it is Eothas who owes him an explanation, not the other way around - ending the quest.
If you cannot save Bearn
  • Looking down on Bearn, Eder lets out a cry of frustration, thus ending the quest. Eder is left wondering; were the Partisans the creation of a raving madman, or a divine plan from Eothas himself?
  • While you don't get much in terms of rewards from this quest, if Bearn consumed the poison and was resuscitated, or if he consumes the poison and dies, Eder will gain the boon Inner Glow, giving him a permanent +1 Resolve. Note that this does NOT occur if you talk him out of drinking the poison, or if the quest failed. This may be an oversight by the developers, as you'd think Eder would be pleased if Bearn is saved - not if he's killed.