The Lantern of Gaun

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The Lantern of Gaun
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Companion quest
Quest giver
NPCs involved
Outcomes & Rewards
Help Xoti release the souls
Help Xoti come to terms with soul reaping (keep souls)
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The Lantern of Gaun is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Xoti is chasing Eothas throughout the Deadfire while striving to fulfill her purpose to Gaun. Apparently a wayward Child of the Dawnstars, she's asked me to help her shepherd the souls of the dead. But her duty may come with a price. As a priestess of Gaun, it's Xoti's god-given duty to harvest the souls of the dead by shepherding them into the light of her lantern.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Xoti will have multiple opportunities to harvest souls as you go through the Deadfire, including spirits of the dead at Engwithan dig site after restoring the adra pillar, for example. Eventually, however, you will realize that Xoti struggles with the increasing burden of the many souls she's harvested for her god. She'd like to try a cleansing ritual before the carved statue in the Temple of Gaun. She's hopeful it may lighten her darkening mental state. To accomplish it, head to The Sacred Stair and the Temple of Gaun.
  • Interact with the statue in the temple. Interact with it and Xoti will automatically perform the ritual. Pallegina will be displeased, but Tekehu and Aloth will gain points with Xoti related to duty and religion.
  • Then you need to find more souls for reaping. After collecting them, Xoti will get another, even worse waking nightmare. She will confide in you and say that she thinks offloading the souls seems the wisest choice and ask that you find a vein of luminous adra to dump them in. You can always suggest that you can entrust the souls to animancers for experiments with the rebirth cycle, improving their research. Xoti will be hesitant at first, but will see the wisdom, once she considers the threat that Eothas' actions pose.
  • At this point you can head to one of the many luminous adra pillars around the Deadfire, alternatively you can talk to Flaune Elette in The Sacred Stair to assist with their experiments. Xoti will hand over the souls once Elette agrees to her conditions. Either way, whether you go to the animancers or not - the outcome does not change as it is dependent on your previous dialogue with Xoti.
  • When she tries to get rid of the souls, if you previously encouraged her to focus on death side of Gaun, Xoti will be unable to do so, as they are bound to her. However, she will experience a revelation, putting her at peace with the dreams yet giving some ominous dialogue about reaping feeling "painfully good". If the player instead encouraged her to focus on the rebirth side of Gaun, the souls are released and her dreams stop, Xoti will thank the player for making her "lighter". However if only two out of the three dialog choices encouraged rebirth or death whatever choice you make at the adra pillar will reverse (telling her to keep the souls will make her release them). Resulting in one of the two quest results.
  • You will receive a Luminous Adra Mantle, used to upgrade Xoti's Lantern.

List of harvestable souls[edit | edit source]

*Meaning the Watcher can choose not to have Xoti harvest the souls (and have them follow the Watcher instead)

Journal entry Notes Contestable*
Xoti harvested a soul at Vilario's Rest near Port Maje. Requires you to interact with the soul on the other side of the sea cave. While there are other souls on the beach, they do not count. Asking the soul to follow you will prevent Xoti from harvesting this soul. yes
Xoti harvested a soul on Gorecci Street, near Port Maje. yes
After I severed Eothas' tether to the adra pillar, thus restoring its light. Xoti was able to harvest some lost souls at the Engwithan Digsite near Port Maje. yes
Xoti harvested a group of souls on an uncharted island. This is referring to the souls collected on the second floor of Oathbinder's Sanctum. yes
Xoti harvested a group of souls at a campsite on the island of Neketaka. The scripted interaction at Maukotu's Canopy. yes
Xoti harvested a soul under Arkemyr's Manor in Neketaka. Found in the downstairs laboratory, the soul of a thief who was killed by the Ironclad Contructs while trying to break into Arkemyr's Vault. no
Xoti harvested a soul in the Old City in Neketaka. During All Aboard after finding Botaro's corpse in Old City Overlook no
Xoti harvested a soul in the Gullet's black market in Neketaka. Godlike pirate, found in Delver's Row. Finding and interacting with the soul is a part of Pallegina's companion quest, The Man of Chimes. no
Xoti harvested a soul in Motare o Kōzi. You'll go here for the quest The Last Sanctuary. There are three souls here, which Xoti will harvest if in the party. Only one entry will appear in the journal. no
Xoti harvested a soul at Ashen Maw. During  He Waits in Fire, you will find a dead rathun warrior inside Lair of the Ancient. Read his soul, and Xoti will collect him afterwards. no