The Guided Compass

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The Guided Compass
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Token in The Passage of the Six
Glanfathan tribe
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The Guided Compass is one of the six Glanfathan tribes governing Twin Elms.

Background[edit | edit source]

A relatively young tribe know for their pacifistic nature, they are viewed as eccentric by other Glanfathans. This same property gives them an unique, broad perspective on Eir Glanfath and its position in the world. The tribe fought in none of the Dyrwoodan conflicts. Accepting early on that the Aedyrans had arrived to stay, the Guided Compass even theorized that the Dyrwoodan colony might prove a new ally in the protection of sacred sites. Their lack of involvement in the war earned them the mocking epithet of the “Broken Compass” in Glanfathan circles. Under anamenfath Ferwlt, the Broken Compass attempted to convince other Glanfathan tribes that going to war against the colonists over a fallen menhir was folly. Ferwlt attempted to convince the others that the invaders could be taught to respect the Builders as the Glanfathan did and rightly foresaw that war would result in further bloodshed across generations.[1]

As a result, the Compass didn't participate in any of the wars with the Dyrwoodan settlers. Among the more militant tribes, this decision earned them the epithet "Broken Compass". In modern times, they're most accepting of Dyrwoodans and Vailians, which puts them at odds with the other tribes.[2]

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