The Courier's Calling

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The Courier's Calling
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The Courier's Calling is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Atsura has given Maia a task to carry out while she's in my service - delivering missives to Rauataian operatives around the Deadfire. Maia assures me that the missives are nothing more than bureaucratic paperwork.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • To deliver the messages, you need to head to two locations: Port Maje and Tikawara.
  • In Tikawara, seek out Harama. He's at the center of a mob (or bugged and leaning against a hut). If you want to break this part of the assignment, don't intervene. Otherwise, either attack or talk them down - use Insight 3 when they mentioned coded papers and then either Intimidate 4, a Deadfire aumaua origin, or a Huana reputation of at least level 3. Talk to him, then Maia.
    • By letting the mob attack Harama, he may be killed in the fight, causing the missive to remain undelivered. This will lead to a different outcome for Tikawara in the game's ending slides.
  • In Port Maje, look for Tuaha, near Kraken's Eye. She will not accept the missive until you either deal with the stalker or convince her to take it without dealing with the stalker.
    • To find the stalker, talk to a Kuaru Craftsman walking across the map. One of them will be the stalker and you can identify him with Insight 3 by studying him carefully. The stalker turns out to be a spy assigned to watch for Tuaha's contact, which is Maia. You can then attack him, tell him to back away, or use Intimidate 3 to force him to stay away. Then you can use Intimidate 3/Bluff 2 or Bluff 3/Insight 2 to make him listen. Then you can follow up with a Deadfire reply, Intimidate 3, telling him to improve his routine, or just killing him, as you can do at any other stage.
    • To get Tuaha to accept the missive without dealing with the stalker, you must pass a Diplomacy 4/History 3 check, accessible by telling her to "Just take your missive and go," then say "I don't care" afterwards. Convincing her to receive the missive without dealing with the stalker/spy changes the ultimate fate of Port Maje in the ending slides.
  • Maia will then ask you to report to the Brass Citadel and speak to Secretary Atsura. Do so. Once you arrive at the lower command, she will excuse herself for a couple of days, to follow through on the mission assigned to her by secretary Atsura. Once she returns, she will want to discuss the matter with you and reveal that Atsura ordered her to assassinate a charismatic ranga of a minor Huana tribe, one who supported unity and tolerance among the people. Maia, being the dutiful soldier she is, went through with the orders, and killed him once he was on an isolated beach. The tribe seethed, mourned, but continued his legacy - while Maia was left rattled by the murder of a civilian - murdered as ordered by the highest authorities of the RDC.
  • She will ask that you report to Atsura at the end of the quest. Your reward is Three Bells Through, a unique arquebus. Speak to Maia to round off the quest.