The Cornett's Call

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The Cornett's Call
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Side quest
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Neketaka - The Gullet
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Find the mural
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The Cornett's Call is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Dereo the Lean, a crime lord in the Gullet, seeks a valuable artifact known as the Cornett of Waves. However, it's only a part of a bigger effort to find one of Neketaka's long-lost treasures.

Overview[edit | edit source]

1. Talk to Dereo the Lean in The Narrows to begin the quest.
2. Acquire the Cornett of Waves from Takano's estate in Serpent's Crown, either by stealing it, paying for it, or with a series of other checks.
3. Return to Dereo, and deal with Ateira and her gang on the way over.
4. Head to the Old City, either:
5. Dive down into the pool in the center of the Old City Overlook (area with the lift) to retrieve the Cornett of Depths.
6. Open the Temple of Ondra (located in the northwestern section of the Old City proper) using the two shells, kill the Giant cave grub inside.
7. Inspect the mosaic on the rear wall of the temple, then return to Dereo to complete the quest.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Cornett of Waves[edit | edit source]

  • Upon meeting Dereo, you will be asked for a favor: retrieve the Cornett of Waves from Takano at his estate. While talking to him, you can notice him wanting the artifact badly with Perception 16 and can pursue the matter with Insight 6 - though he will not reveal any more. If you have already obtained it, you can also show him the Cornett of Depths to trigger the next phase of the quest. Otherwise, acquiring the Cornett of Waves is simple enough. You have a few options here:
    • Steal the cornett yourself. It is found in a locked chest (lock Difficulty 5) at the end of Takano's estate, next to the staircase. Time the theft with the movement of the guard in this area.
    • Moonlike Godlike can simply ask Takano for it and he will give it to you with no fuss.
    • Play on Takano's materialism. Takano will decline an offer to pay him directly for the shell, saying that he already has everything that he could want. Reading his soul reveals otherwise, and allows you to suggest that he could use the money to spruce the manor up, perhaps add a new window. This will set you back Copper pands (cp)2,500, or Copper pands (cp)2,150 with Bluff 3, suggesting that Takano's neighbors boast of bigger houses, and that he should out-do them.
    • Convince Takano that the cornett deserves a better keeper. Ask "Why is the Cornett of Waves so special?" to discover a bit of the cornett's history, imparting a bit of your own knowledge upon Takano (with an optional, History 1 + Island Aumaua + Deadfire Archipalago, Arcana 5 or Religion 5 check). Then say that the "...Cornett of Waves is no mere trophy. It deserves a keeper who knows its history". Warn him that Ondra punishes those who refuse to let go with a Religion 3 check, otherwise Takano will be reluctant to part with it and you'll have to pay Copper pands (cp)750.
    • Lie to Takano with Bluff 5 (then pay Copper pands (cp)500, or pass either a History 7 or Diplomacy 4 check), telling Takano you're on a mission from the palace, and that you need the Cornett of Waves, for reasons.
    • Threaten Takano's life. Requires at least Intimidate 6 to avoid combat, resulting in Moderate Negative Reputation loss with Huana. Otherwise the other options will start combat with everyone in the estate, and you'll still have to pick the lock on the chest.
    • Hire Rust, an assassin in Delver's Row to fetch the artifact for you. He'll ask for Copper pands (cp)800, or Copper pands (cp)1,000 if you want to keep Takano alive and a day for him to do the deed. Three or four rests should be enough time. Curiously, even if you only pay Copper pands (cp)800 for his services, Takano will still be alive and well at his estate after you fetch the cornett from Rust, and a second Cornett of Waves will still exist in the Takano estate chest. This is probably a bug.
    • If you have the Cornett of Depths in your stash, you can show Takano that you have a special shell too. This won't get you anywhere, and if you have Aloth in your party, he'll get negative reputation (Pride).
  • If you have the Cornett of Waves in your stash while travelling to or from Serpent's Crown, there's a chance you'll encounter Ateira, and her group of thugs. Ateira is the one Dereo originally hired to retrieve the cornett. She'll want the Cornett of Waves, and will be adamant to fight for it. There's no option to give her the shell without a fight, but you can convince her otherwise with one of the following:
    • Diplomacy 4, Diplomacy 6, then Bluff 3 - The cornett is just a worthless shell, and Dereo is just using it to frame someone. Picking any of the other checks will cause her to attack.
    • Intimidate 4, followed by Intimidate 6 - The thugs will make easy pickings. Note that this fails if you have Benevolent 4, with one the thugs calling you "The softest in Deadfire" (one of the few times conflicting reputation stats end up hurting you)
    • Bluff 4, followed by Bluff 6 - Dareo sent you to tie up some loose ends. With [Principi sen Patrena: Good 2], the thugs recognize that you're in with the Principi, and that it's likely that Dareo would send you to clean up.
    • Or you could just attack her, and get Minor Positive Reputation with Delver's Row Criminals.
  • Returning to Dereo with the Cornett of Waves will gain you minor positive reputation with Delver's Row Criminals, and Copper pands (cp)300. If you encountered Ateira, you can tell him about it to gain further minor reputation. At this point you can also push him further about his true motives regarding the cornett with Intellect 12, but to no avail. You're then instructed to take it to the Undercroft below Delver's Row.

Cornett of Depths & the Old City Ruins[edit | edit source]

  • Find Gwenfin in the Undercroft near the entrance to the ancient Huana temple in the northern part, overlooking the bay. With Athletics 4 you can safely take the skiff shortcut on the main dock. Enter the chamber and inspect the statue. Place the Cornett in the statue's hand to open the door. The Temple of Ondra isn't where it should be, so guess who's going to look for it inside? Head deeper into the Old City, north through the ruins. The Temple you want is in the northwestern corner of the last map. Note that while Gwenfin says she is a bruiser, her health is low and she will not fight back if enemies are lured to her so low level parties cannot count on using her for aid. She will die quite rapidly but it does not result in quest failure, though it may lead to an inability to complete the quest.
  • Make sure to detour by the Old City Overlook and grab the Cornett of Depths from the sunken statue near the center of the area. With Perception 13, you can hear the calls of the cornett from the pool, and with Survival 6, you'll notice the suspicious bones clustered around the water's edge. This scripted interaction requires a character with at least Constitution 16 to retrieve the conch unharmed - otherwise the character will become Fatigued. After obtaining the conch, you'll be attacked by a bunch of skeletons.
  • The Cornett of Depths opens the way to the temple, which is guarded by a Giant cave grub. Killing it is a major challenge, but you can always sneak by to place the conches inside the mural and open the secret wall. To complete the quest, sneak alongside the wall and inspect the Ukaizo mosaic. Don't forget to grab the unique large shield Cadhu Scalth from the locked and trapped sarcophagus on the left, and the unique pollaxe Wahai Pōraga from the sarcophagus on the right. Return to Gwenfin and then to Dereo the Lean to collect your reward.
  • While talking to him, you can use Insight 4, Bluff 6, or History 7 to find out that Ukaizo is sought by the Consuaglo mes Casitas of the Principi as a way to provide for themselves, as one of the richest and most fertile lands in the Deadfire. He will then reward you with the unique blunderbuss Kitchen Stove. With Streetwise 4 or Diplomacy 4, you can push Dereo further and he'll give you an additional Copper pands (cp)200 and Minor Positive reputation with Delver's Row Criminals. Before leaving, he'll give you Principi colors - presumably handmade by Dereo himself over the course of the quest.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Obtaining the Cornett of Depths:

Interacting with either of the statues of Ondra:

Opening the secret chamber in the Old Temple of Ondra:

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID Objectives
0 The Cornett's Call
10000 Dereo the Lean, a crime lord in the Gullet, seeks a valuable artifact known as the Cornett of Waves.
Alternate descriptions
40001 Dereo is looking for a mosaic in the Old City. The cornett will lead me to it.
40002 A person of influence has taken an interest in me. I've been asked to meet him in the Narrows.
1 Get the Cornett of Waves from Takano's villa in Serpent's Crown.
10001 Dereo asked me to get an artifact called the Cornett of Waves from the Mataru, Takano, who owns it.
20000 Dereo wants the cornett more badly than he lets on. He said it's valuable, but he didn't elaborate.
20010 I'm not the first to attempt this job. Dereo originally hired someone else, but she didn't come through.
20008 Dereo said a related artifact, the Cornett of Depths, was lost when the Old City sank.
20006 I've hired Rust to acquire the Cornett of Waves for me. The assassin will need a full day to get the job done.
20013 According to Takano, a similar conch was lost when the Old City sank. Several Ondrites perished alongside it, doomed never to rise unless the shell did.
20016 Takano isn't especially attached to the Cornett of Waves, and he's short on coin. Perhaps he'd be willing to sell it.
2 Meet Gwenfin in the Undercroft.
10002 Gwenfin waits for me - and the cornett - in the Undercroft, near an ancient, Huana-style door.

Dereo told me to reach her via a lift in Delver's Row, which is separate from the Gullet.

20015 Specifically, the lift is next to Ernezzo's shop in Delver's Row.
20005 Gwenfin is outside an ancient Huana ruin in the Undercroft, near the fort there.
20007 Gwenfin thinks I can use the cornett to open a door by the Ondrite statue.
20017 I've killed Gwenfin. It's up to me to figure out how to use the cornett and get what Dereo wants.
3 Find a temple of Ondra in the Old City.
10003 Apparently, the mosaic Dereo's looking for is in an old temple somewhere in the ruins.

Gwenfin asked me to tell her where it is once I find it.

20002 There's a mural in the Old City ruins depicting two conch shells.
20003 I found a conch inscribed with Ondrite symbols in the Old City.
4 Report back to Gwenfin at the entrance to the Undercroft.
10004 I found the temple of Ondra and saw an elaborate mosaic of a place called Ukaizo embedded in the wall. This must be what Dereo was looking for.

Gwenfin waits to hear from me at the passage between the Undercroft and the Old City.

20012 In the temple, I found a wall carving with two sockets. Each was the right size and shape to fit the cornett.
5 Return to Dereo in the Narrows.
10005 Gwenfin is on her way to secure the temple. She asked me to give Dereo the good news.
6 Meet a mysterious figure in the Narrows of the Gullet.
10006 A messenger told me that someone important wants to see me.

I was told to head into the Narrows, turn right, turn right again, and go left at the bend, looking for signs of svef use. If I meet resistance, I can say Dereo sent for me.

7 Return the cornett to Dereo in the Narrows.
10007 I acquired a conch instrument carved with symbols of Ondra - this seems like the "cornett" Dereo wants.

He's waiting for it in the Narrows, the tunnels that surround the Gullet.

20011 Ateira, the mercenary Dereo originally hired, ambushed me on the way back from Takano's.
8 Return to Dereo in the Narrows.
10008 I found the temple of Ondra and saw an elaborate mosaic of a place called Ukaizo embedded in the wall. This must be what Dereo was looking for.

He promised a reward once I find it.

20014 In the temple, I found a wall carving with two sockets. Each was the right size and shape to fit the cornett.
9 Find the mosaic Dereo seeks in the Old City.
10009 Dereo wants me to find a mosaic in the Old City. Now that Gwenfin's gone, I'll have to hope I know it when I see it.
End states
Yes 30000 Dereo was pleased when I told him about the mosaic of Ukaizo. He warned me to keep my findings a secret.
No 30001 Someone critical to this quest has died.