The Changing of the Guard

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The Changing of the Guard
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Act 2
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A Two Story Job

The Changing of the Guard is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.

Accepting this quest makes you unable to receive the quests Winds of Steel or The Bronze Beneath the Lake, and conversely, you are unable to accept this quest if you've accepted either of those quests.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Speak with Gedmar Doemenel after completing A Two Story Job, and he'll request that you murder Marshal Wenfeld of the Knights of the Crucible, and place a token of The Dozens (which he puts in your inventory) on a nearby altar to frame them for the murder. Before you leave the manor, Abrecan Doemenel tells you not to place the token on the altar so that everyone knows who is responsible.

Go to the Crucible Keep in First Fires, and wait in the altar (east side of the building). Marshal Wenfeld will eventually stop by to pray, where you can then attack him. Marshal Wenfeld casts priest spells and wears heavy armor, but should be no issue for a full party. After you've killed Wenfeld, either place the Dozens token on the altar to frame The Dozens, or return to the manor without placing it.

Completing this quest gives The Watcher a bonus talent, The Merciless Hand. In addition, you get a favor from Gedmar (which can be chosen later). You can either choose money (he'll give you 10,000 cp), or a weapon (you'll get Misery's End).