The Champion of the Hunt

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The Champion of the Hunt
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The Crucible

The Champion of the Hunt is a quest in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

By completing the challenges presented by one of the Faces, the Watcher has earned the right to represent one of the Faces of the Hunt in the Crucible's bloodiest battle. If they prove victorious, they will be named Champion of the Hunt - and become able to commune with the Faces of the Hunt themselves

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • This is the penultimate challenge in the DLC, where you face off with two other packs in a free for all battle. Each of the packs represents a Face. After defeating them all, you will be permitted to commune with the Faces through the Pool of Memories.
    • Tips for the battle go here!
  • Once you commune with the Faces, you are drawn into the Beyond. In there, you will find the answers to the crisis plaguing Kazuwari, once again encountering all three souls first met during the Crucible:
    • Erūke the kith soul behind the Surviving Face, will reveal that Whehami, the Slaying Face, severed the island's connection to the Beyond. Erūke wants this bond restored.
    • Aexica, the kith soul behind the Seeking Face, wants you to defeat Whehami and restore the island's connection to the Beyond as well.
    • Whehami, on the other hand is holding Galawain's realm hostage, severed from the rest of the Beyond. He wants another soul - yours - to take the place of the Faces of the Hunt so that he may walk again in the flesh.
  • Though centuries separated their lives from one another, Aexica, Erūke, and Whehami became the Faces of the Hunt at the same time. By interrogating the souls, you can learn that Whehami and Aexica actually share a single soul. If pressed, Aexica will eventually reveal that she provided Whehami with the knowledge he needed to sever Kazuwari's ties to the Beyond and that she manipulated Whehami into clogging the flow of souls between Kazuwari and the Beyond for her own ends.
  • The decision in this quest affects the ending for Kazuwari:
    • You can defeat Whehami and Aexica, restoring the flow of souls between Kazuwari and the beyond.
    • You can sacrifice Konstanten's soul to replace the Faces.
    • You can convince Whehami to replace his soul with that of a mighty beast (see next quest).
    • You can convince Whehami and Aexica to stand down with Eruke's aid.
    • Finally, Muatu's soul can also be used to replace the Faces. The ending is further determined by how many souls you allowed him to absorb in the Crucible.
  • All steps finally require you to restore the flow of souls using the Tooth of Toamowhai.