The Burden of Memory

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The Burden of Memory [WM2]
Side quest
Quest giver
Outcomes & Rewards
Make Maneha forget
Make her remember

The Burden of Memory is a companion quest in Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part II.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Maneha, a Giftbearer of Ondra, seeks a hidden abbey where Ondrites leave things to be forgotten. The Abbey of the Fallen Moon is a secret Ondrite temple where Maneha has been ordered to dispose of several tokens

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • The quest will be automatically added to the journal when Maneha joins the party. Talking to her will reveal that she's searching for the Abbey of the Fallen Moon.
  • After several rests with Maneha in the party, you will be treated to a special interaction. Maneha will be twitching and muttering in her sleep, and you will be able to wake her up. She will reflexively go for her weapon, and you'll have to either convince her that you're friendly or deck her in the face with Might 15. Afterwards, you can talk with her about her experiences and past life. She will reveal that she has undergone something akin to an Awakening, remembering a terrible deed from her past. She will reveal that she wants to find the Abbey to forget.
  • At this point, the quest can't be progressed until The Iron Flail, has been finished, unlocking The Abbey of the Fallen Moon. Once it is unlocked, enter the Halls of Presence and reach the Vault of Forgotten Things. Approaching the Well will trigger a conversation with Maneha. At this point:
    • You can encourage her to confront her past and retain the memory.
    • You can suggest forgetting to ease her pain.
  • If she decides to forget, she will unwrap the packaging and decide to dump the wine it contains - taken from the marceso's cellar the night she Awakened - into the pool. Doing so will cause tentacles to erupt from the pool and drag her below, eventually making her forget.
  • To make her remember, you need to state that erasing the memory won't erase the part of the soul responsible for the massacre, then that the memory has prevented her from committing a similar crime, and then that the memory shaped her and taught her restraint. You will share the drink together.

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