The Battle of Yenwood Field

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The Battle of Yenwood Field
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Defeat Lord Gathbin
  •  ???
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A Return to Court

The Battle of Yenwood Field is a quest in Pillars of Eternity, added as of the 3.0 patch.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak to Marshal Forwyn. Gain as much support as you can:
    • all Hirelings employed at the start of the battle will fight alongside you. Korgrak may be helpful here.
    • Depending on your side choice, a contingent of the Crucible Knights, the Dozens or the Doemenels will assist you (needs a reputation of ?? at battle startverify).
    • Ogres from Matron Beregan.
    • Longbowmen from Adaryc.
    • pay 10.000 for an extra group of mercenaries.
  2. When you feel ready, start the battle. You can choose to come along or travel for yourself to Yenwood Field.
  3. The more groups of supporting troops you can acquire, the more of Gathbin's forces are defeated during the dialogue, and the less you have to fight yourself afterwards.
  4. After the fight, you will be asked to forward some of your tax income to Earl Bademar. If you do so, your tax harvest will be diminished (17,5% of your keep profit every turn will from now on be given to the Earl), but if you object, you will receive Defiance Bay: Extraordinary Negative.

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID End Description
10000 Lord Gathbin is assembling an army of mercenaries in an attempt to wrest control of Caed Nua from me by force. I'll need to raise my own army to stop him.
1 Help Marshal Forwyn raise an army at Caed Nua.
10001 To fight Lord Gathbin's forces, I'll need an army of my own. Marshal Forwyn will assist me in the logistics of it all, coordinating things at the Great Hall in Caed Nua. He'll wait there until I command my army to march to Yenwood Field.
20000 My allies in the Knights of the Crucible will send some of their veteran knights to aid my infantry - assuming I remain in their good favor until the battle.
20001 My allies in the Dozens will send some of their veteran arquebusiers to aid my archers - assuming I remain in their good favor until the battle.
20002 My allies in the Doemenels will send some of their assassins to aid my infantry - assuming I remain in their good favor until the battle.
20003 Matron Beregan has promised to send some of her ogres my way to aid my infantry.
20004 Adaryc will be sending a contingent of longbowmen to aid my archers in the battle against Lord Gathbin.
2 Meet your army at Yenwood Field and defeat Lord Gathbin.
10002 Your army is marshaling at Yenwood Field. Meet them there to lead them against Lord Gathbin's forces.
3 Defeat Lord Gathbin.
10002 Lord Gathbin and his elite troops are coming for you directly. This is your opportunity to kill him and rout his army once and for all.
30000 Lord Gathbin is dead and his claim to Caed Nua is ended.


On Emery if she's still alive and you manage to Impress her doing the A Return to Court

If you combine the assault of your army correctly by using Archers against the Bleak Walkers, Ogres against the Battlemages and Crucible Knights/Doemenels/Dozens against Berserkers. If done like this She with join you by betraying Gathbin leaving his regulars to flee the battle.