The Archmage's Vault

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The Archmage's Vault
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Quest giver
NPCs involved
Outcomes & Rewards
Return it to Netehe
  • Icon cp2.png2,500
  • Moderate Positive Reputation with Huana
Return it to Tumara
  • Icon cp2.png2,500
  • Moderate Positive Reputation with RDC
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The Archmage's Vault is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

You must find a way inside Archmage Arkemyr's Manor, in Periki's Overlook, to retrieve the Harapo Epic - an ancient tablet said to contain clues of the lost island of Ukaizo and a priceless historical artifact for the whole of Huana. Scholars want it particularly badly, to analyze the language structure, narrative voice, and use of metaphor to determine when and how it was made. For the Rauataians, it has historical purposes, and is only useful as a clue for where Ukaizo may be.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Find a way inside Arkemyr's Manor

  • The front door is locked. The key can be attained by completing the quest Velvet Glove, Brass Fist and saving Bertenno from RDC slavery, given by Fassina in the Dark Cupboard in Periki's Overlook.
  • From the top of the Dark Cupboard's window, the player can use a grappling hook with Athletics 3 to sneak to the roof of Arkemyr's Manor.
  • Talk to Ifren in The Dark Cupboard to discover that he and an orlan partner previously tried to break into the manor via the natural rock passages underneath the Luminous Bathhouse. At the back of the boiler room of the bathhouse there is a crack in the wall. This will take you into Arkemyr's basement. In order to gain entry you must break down a recently built wall using 16 Might or by using a Hammer and Chisel.
  • The manor is full of patrolling Ironclad constructs and Imps, as well as a number of other enemies downstairs in the laboratory. While the imps are fairly weak, the automatons certainly make up for that, and can be difficult to take down depending on your level.
  • To make things easier, head up to the bedroom (accessed from the manor's rooftop) and grab Arkemyr's Old Robe from the wardrobe beside his bed, and Arkemyr's Notes from the desk drawer. Wearing the robe will allow you to explore the manor freely.

Locate Arkemyr's Vault

  • The vault is located in the basement of the Manor, in the Laboratory.
  • The laboratory contains a few more enemies than upstairs, more Imps, Ironclad constructs, as well as additional Storm blights and a Steelclad Prototype.
  • You can interact with a soul in the room to the north, an orlan thief (and associate of Ifren) who was killed by the constructs while trying to break into the vault - and now destined to be transferred into a construct. If you have Xoti in your party, she will harvest the soul.

Unlock Arkemyr's Vault

  • The vault is protected by some kind of combination lock involving rare gems and a combination.
  • The combination can be found in a bookcase in Arkemyr's Study on the ground floor. Combined with a sufficient mechanics skill, you can open the lock without the gem.
  • Yellow-Eye Three, an imp in the second floor lounge has the gemstone - a Translucent Crystal. You can either pickpocket it from the imp, loot it from his dead body, or convince him to give it to you.
    • To assure the imp that you're no intruder, you'll require either 8 Bluff or 9 Diplomacy. Alternatively, if you have Arkemyr's Old Robe equipped, you can also disguise yourself as Arkemyr, and lie to the imp - saying that you're "..testing out a new illusion". He'll ask for a passphrase, to which you can respond with 8 Bluff to convince him that you've stopped using passphrases, or by providing the true phrase "Cider and cheese", available only if you have read Arkemyr's Notes.
    • Asking about the crystal will allow you to persuade Yellow Eye to hand it over. You can do this by threatening him with 4 Intimidate, tricking him into thinking that the crystal is cursed with 2 Bluff, or by pretending that you're an imp too with 3 Streetwise or 3 Arcana. Most of these dialogue options can be followed up with additional optional checks. He'll also be willing to give the crystal to you in exchange for Icon cp2.png500. If you have convinced Yellow-Eye Three that you are Arkemyr, his master, he'll hurriedly give you the crystal if you ask about it.
  • Once you have everything, head down to the vault. Opening it is straightforward, place the crystal in the recess, and enter the combination. After opening the vault, all the creatures in the area will become hostile, so make sure to do this after exploring the rest of the lab.

Retrieve the tablet from the Vault.

Return the artifact to Tumara or Netehe:

  • Tumara awaits in front of Imperial Command at The Brass Citadel, and Netehe in front of the Kahanga Palace in Serpent's Crown.
  • Both will reward you with Icon cp2.png2,500 and a moderate reputation increase with their respective factions. You will also receive and invitation to Arkemyr's mansion from the Archmage himself. Ooops.
  • Upon completion of the quest, Fassina, the shop keeper at The Dark Cupboard can be recruited as a sidekick.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

From The Dark Cupboard's window:

Tunnel from Luminous Bathhouse boiler room to the manor:

Interacting with the vault's locking mechanism: