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How is this level 10? First creatures I encounter in the guild include flamewalker naga maurader (16) and to bog oozes (each 16)... I'm L16 myself PotD/ToI level scaling off. -- Preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 03:45, 15 August 2019‎ (UTC). Please sign your posts with -- ~~~~.

That might be a question for Obsidian themselves :P
The level is pulled directly from the game files, as is only used to display the in-game "recommended level", which if I remember correctly is shown as an icon at the top of the journal.
	"Level": 10,
	"ExperienceMultiplier": 1,
	"QuestsAndExperience": [
			"Tag": "Shadow Under Neketaka - Huana",
			"QuestReference": {
				"GuidString": "c99e709a-aa07-44de-8844-4c3617dad7f2"
			"ExperienceAmount": 1800,
			"OriginRegion": "Perikis_Overlook"
What I haven't taken into account is any additional processing done on top of this. It seems that the actual level for this quest is level 14, which may mean this page (and other quest pages) is wrong. I will do some research to figure out how they got to level 14 from the 10 that is listed in the game files. It might be that the values have to be changed manually. Macklin (talk) 11:08, 15 August 2019 (UTC)

Here's what I've found out: For main quests, faction quests, expansion quests (and side quests, but only if you have Level Scaling set to "All"), if Level Scaling is on, the quest level will be adjusted as well. This applies a modifier to the level of the quest, which will increase or decrease it relative to the player level.
If you don't know what level scaling is, it pretty much changes the level of creatures up or down depending on the players level relative to the locations "recommended level". This is done to the recommended level (i.e. "quest level") to ensure that it accurately represents the level of creatures found in the areas the quest has you exploring.
Taking this quest as an example, if you are level 16, and the quest is level 10, that's +6 level difference on top of the quest level. The game then performs a lookup to determine the modifier used. This check is identical to the one done to determine creature level adjustments.
Difference Adjustment
-50 to -4 -4
-3 -3
-2 -2
-1 -1
0 to 1 0
2 +2
3 +3
4 to 50 +4
If the difference is within the minimum and maximum expected difference (inclusive of those values), the associated adjustment is used. In your case, your player level is +6 levels over the quest level, so the quest level will be adjusted by +4, meaning the true value is 14.
If you are level 16, it means that the creatures in the Guild Ruins have been scaled up so that you aren't just stomping them into the ground. The recommended level of that area is 10, so the creatures gain an adjustment of +4.
The settings also list a "Only scale upwards" option. This simply makes it so that the quest level (and creature levels) aren't dropped if the player is below the level of the quest/creature.
Hopefully this has given you some sort of an idea. Naturally the wiki doesn't know about your player level, so right now the only number shown is the "base" quest level. If you turn off level scaling, the level shown at the top of the quest page in the journal will match this level. I'll probably add this information to Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire quests, and perhaps show some sort of indicator on quest pages that will let people know that the value is adjusted in-game. Macklin (talk) 13:53, 15 August 2019 (UTC)

Thanks for the detailed info... I did mention that I had level scaling OFF however... and I still hit lev 16 monsters (mixed with lev 9 ones) I think this may be a bug where some creatures get scaled even when it's supposedly off. Also a little hard to figure how L9 mobs get to 16 with a +4 scale but whatever. I beat it anyway. But this sort of bug is very irritating for a Trial of Iron run where on NEEDS to be ahead of the game.

Also a side note. If you open the door with the rod and combo and DON'T enter (select the Leave option in the scripted bit), then leave the guild you still fail the quest. It seems that until you open the door you CAN leave and rest just fine. I allow myself a cheesy game kill when they do cheesy crap in a buggy area without warning though... Not interested in beating the bugs, just the game. Really shouldn't fail until you actually go in IMHO. -- Preceding unsigned comment was added by 02:08, 16 August 2019‎ (talk) (UTC). Please sign your posts with -- ~~~~.

Hmm, it might be that Obsidian has simply set the base recommended level for the quest and the area too low compared to the base level of the creatures in that area. Keep in mind that party size, and whether the creature is named or not also has an impact on creature level (usually relative to your level, in the same way), but difficulty only seems to effect combat stats like armor/accuracy etc, not level. As a test, I went there with level scaling off, and the difficulty on "Classic", and in a party of 5, and found that most of the creatures were around level 7-8, Zihaa was level 10, the dragon was level 14, and the tentacles were level 10. It's likely that you had other adjustments going on, on top of the level difference. Whatever the case, the above serves only as an explanation of why quest levels in-game are higher than what is listed on the wiki.

I will add the mentioned quest fail condition to the walkthrough, thanks! Macklin (talk) 14:12, 16 August 2019 (UTC)