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Tekēhu is gay, and cannot differentiate between friendship-intimacy and sex / sex-intimacy. This is true of many gay people in the real world (especially non-monogamous ones). With real world gays like this if you push them away for sex you also push them way for friendship. Not sure if the game follows this pattern or not. If you fail to hardline him and let him seduce you you could end up in sexual or pre-sexual interactions without realizing it, if you can't pick up the subtle language. Because the convos are nearly 100% voice acted, the game might be expecting you to pick it up from the voice tones, but autistic people are not good at that (and games like this have a lot of high functioning autistic and Asperger's people playing them). I think I have unknowingly activated a kissing session thinking it was something magic/mystical, but I think I narrowly avoided sexual interactions only by being suspicious because on of the options had 'sex' in it. I personally don't mind physical intimacy - hugs, snuggles, massages, embracing, especially when combined with deep social intimacy, but will not cross the biblical homosexuality threshold (The secular definition of homosexuality is more general / broad than the bible / Leviticus 18 definition of homosexuality). I think the best solution is to add metagame tags if an option activates sex or pre-sex (lip kissing / necking). The game is already full of metagame info (but good that it is able to be turned off for those who strongly dislike metagaming) Yeshuaagapao 19:08, 14 May 2018 (UTC)