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As much as you might follow the lower case rule.

It's really an eyepincher. You're not writting Washington D.C. as Washington d.c. or New York City as New York city or Belize City as Belice city or or Pétion-Ville as Pétion-ville or Cockburn Town as Cockburn town. You simply need to read the dialog texts more closely. It writes for example "Stalwart lies in the White March..." Same would you write "New York lies in the White March..." But as whole it's stated as Stalwart Village.

So ether we write Stalwart Village like Dyrford Village or Stalwart as short form but then needs to be Dyrford Village page moved to Dyrford. But here a little bit so, there a little bit so, is crap.

Oh and nevertheless, I've also checked on PoE 2. There are also some discrepancies. Here should be really a little guideline. Mapname = Pagename or Mapname Shortform = Pagename or Mapmarkername = Pagename or Mapname (Cityname) / Mapname (Islename) = Pagename or Mapname (Location) = Pagename

Arawn76 (talk) 06:04, 2 December 2018 (UTC)