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Posting this reference from 2013, since the source is behind a paywall, and I couldn't find an internet archive to link to. Lore dump, source:

Anthropologically (pre-history), most academics who care to theorize believe that pale elves (Glamfellen) left the northern hemisphere at least 12,000 years ago. Some theorize it happened even earlier, up to 50,000 years ago. Almost every theory about why they left and why they traveled all the way to the southern polar region is pure guesswork. Culturally, they bear almost no resemblance to the Sceltrfolc (wood elves) who live in Aedyr and they have no cultural similarities to the Sceltrfolc who live in Eír Glanfath. There are a few elements of Glamfellen grammar and vocabulary that have common roots with Eld Aedyran and are not found in other surrounding languages (e.g. the languages spoken by boreal dwarves), but the similarities end there.

Culturally, Aedyran wood elves are largely indistinct from Aedyran humans (most of whom are ethnically Thyrtan, "Meadow Folk"). They've been living near and migrating with each other for thousands of years -- so long that their related parent languages (Eld Aedyran and Hylspeak) have mostly disappeared from common use. Aedyran humans and elves remain physiologically distinct because they cannot reproduce. However, their cultures have become so intermingled that they had to develop legal concepts to deal with what are effectively culturally-accepted concubines (human-elf and elf-human), haemneg. The Aedyran imperial family is an oddly-tangled union of a reigning human emperor or empress with a secondary set of powers controlled by an elven concubine.

Glanfathan Sceltrfolc are physiologically very similar to Aedyran Sceltrfolc, but culturally they share no similarities. They speak a completely unrelated language, are mostly organized into semi-nomadic tribes, and tend toward suspicion and xenophobia. Like the orlans alongside whom they live, Glanfathan elves believe that they are the stewards and protectors of the ruins in Eír Glanfath -- though they know they did not create them. Aedyran Sceltrfolc tend to loathe and outwardly disparage Glanfathan Sceltrfolc, though there is no real animosity between Sceltrfolc and Glamfellen. They have minimal contact. Outside of boreal dwarves and some far-traveled aumaua, very few people have any contact with Glamfellen.

Physically, wood elves look like bog-standard fantasy elves. Glamfellen are borderline albinos, slightly taller than wood elves, and the males can (and often do) grow facial hair. Some have epicanthic folds, but it is not universally common (as it is with boreal dwarves).