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Talk:Adra Ban (Deadfire)

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Are these locations out of date? My experience has been:

  • Flooded Cave (Ofecchia Channel) -- NOT THERE
  • Engwithan Titan (Poko Kohara Ruins) [x1] -- THERE, but x2
  • Xakoras' Tomb (Poko Kohara Ruins, Engwithan Waystation Level Two) -- NOT THERE
  • Room with wall that has to be blown up, same container as soulbound dagger (Poko Kohara, Engwithan Waystation) -- THERE
  • Near Beza's remains (Poko Kohara Ruins, Engwithan Waystation Level Three) [x1] -- NOT THERE
  • Collapsed Coal Mine (7° 49' S 57° 16' E - left of Motare o Kozi) -- NOT THERE
  • Engwith ruins on Maje island, hidden burial room of the architect, unlocked with a medalion [x2] -- POSSIBLE, DIDN'T KNOW VALUE AT TIME
  • Old City, Neketaka, Ondra's Temple, room with giant worm [x1] -- NOT THERE
  • The Undercroft, hidden stash at the end of the largest pier [x1] -- NOT THERE


  • Caverns below Crockspur [x1]
  • Ori o Koiki Sanctum Treasure Room [x2]
  • Drowned Barrows Secret Storage Room [x1]

Plotinusredux (talk) 04:45, 11 August 2018 (UTC)