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Tacan were a culture in the Ixamitl Plains, notable for founding the Nalpazca monk order.

Background[edit | edit source]

Centered along the Acqui River, the Tacan inhabited a rich portion of the Plains known for its incredible fertility and regular flooding. Though they lived in peace for centuries, protected by the anitlei of the Nalpazca (essentially a transcendent warrior), their end came when Ixhapillo, the master of the Nalpazca, died before passing his knowledge on to Zahua, the prospective chieftain. Quechmatl, the ancient enemies of Tacan, seized the opportunity and attacked the Tacan, eventually conquering and enslaving its population.

Zahua, the fallen chieftain, escaped execution thanks to the torture he suffered at Quechmatl hands awakening the anitlei potential with him for a brief while, allowing him to escape captivity.