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Tâkowa is the capital city of the Great Kingdom of Rauatai, situated on the coast of the Rauatai Gulf. It is often referred to as the "royal city", as it is home to the ranga nui and his palace.

Features[edit | edit source]

The city features many grand constructions exemplary of Rauataian engineering, including the famed Coral Harbor. Recently finished, the Gate of Great Teeth is a labyrinthine maze of towering red coral spires and walls that sits just outside the city, protecting it from foreign invaders and the storms that regularly batter the gulf.[1] It was commissioned by the crown and engineered by Kana Rua's father, a coralmason much favoured by the ranga.[1]

Much of the industry in Tâkowa focuses on the manufacture and development of artillery, firearms, explosives and ships.

The city is also home to a lore college, which has for generations preserved the wealth of knowledge gathered by the great minds of Rauatai. Many travel long distances to speak with the lore keeper, hear the chants, or peruse the books.[1]

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