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Sword icon.png
Weapon type
Combat type
5 Copper pands (cp)
0.5 sec (Average)
11-16 SlashPierce
Weapon focus
Weapon bonuses

Swords are one-handed weapons in Pillars of Eternity.

Description[edit | edit source]

Whether single-edged or double-edged, swords are always straight-bladed one-handed weapons that can be used to cut or thrust at an enemy. In some circumstances, swords lack the raw slashing power of sabres, but they are more flexible against a variety of armor types.

Types of Swords[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Damage Value Enchantments Location
Sword backer cats claw icon.png Cat's Claw 14-21 605Copper pands (cp)
Sword darcozzi paladini icon.png Darcozzi Paladini's Longsword of In'claene 14-21 405Copper pands (cp)
Sword exceptional icon.png Exceptional Sword 14-21 405Copper pands (cp)
Sword fine icon.png Fine Sword 13-18 205Copper pands (cp)
Sword last blade of the white forge icon.png Last Blade of the White Forge 14-21 705Copper pands (cp)
Sword lyssandras blade icon.png Lyssandra's Blade 14-21 405Copper pands (cp)
Sword shame or glory icon.png Shame or Glory 13-18 605Copper pands (cp)
  • Valiant: +10 Accuracy when below 50% Endurance +20% Damage while Endurance below 50%
  • Marking: +10 Accuracy granted to an ally attacking the same target
  • Fine (weapon): +4 Accuracy +15% Damage
Sword sheathed in autumn icon.png Sheathed in Autumn 16-23 1,005Copper pands (cp)
Sword steadfast icon.png Steadfast [WM2] 14-21 705Copper pands (cp)
Sword icon.png Sword 11-16 5Copper pands (cp)
Sword whispers of yenwood icon.png Whispers of Yenwood 11-16 805Copper pands (cp)