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Subject: Baelsyr

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Subject: Baelsyr [WM1]
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Subject: Baelsyr is a document in The White March - Part I.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.
"She has outdone herself with this one, Baelsyr. A common robber with some natural talent for cipher abilities. It has gone to his head. The bazzo believes he is the next Antonino, I think. In any case the world would be well rid of him.

Still, he has yielded promising results - his mind is almost perfectly intact. I might even have been able to determine whether there is merit in his delusions about his soul lineage. But I made the foolish mistake of leaving the man's pistol on my worktable - his essence is bound to the weapon, rather than the body I undertook to build for him. Even bodiless, this fool seeks to trouble me.

I have sealed him within one of the tanks. I will have to proof the machines against the free-roaming experiments while I think of a solution. Until then, I suppose I must endure the company while I work."

Location[edit | edit source]