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After securing the Caed Nua stronghold, there is a chance for unexpected events to take place at the stronghold. The events are partially dictated by the Prestige and Security of the house, its purchased upgrades, and hirelings in the player's employ. When a random event occurs, you will be told regardless of whether or not you are physically there. Sometimes, you will need to deal with the event immediately, but usually you are given some time to decide what to do.

Visitors[edit | edit source]

The most common event at your stronghold is having a visitor arrive. There are all kinds of visitors, but they all share one thing. They can adjust your prestige and/or security just by being at your stronghold.

  • Some visitors give good bonuses and some of these visitors can even be employed as hirelings and will stay on as long as you pay them.
  • Others are not so great, and you can pay them to leave, or get one of your unassigned companions to act as an escort to their next location (making the companion unavailable for a time).
  • Some visitors will offer rare items for sale, and some might even offer a very rare item in exchange for one of the prisoners in your dungeon. Items acquired this way can be found in the treasure chest in the Main Keep.

If Visitors die during their stay, the stronghold suffers a Prestige penalty for a while.[1]

Visitor Requirements Effect Resolution
Unique Items Merchants
  • Insure the delivery of goods: -5,000 coppers (cp) -> 200 XP
  • Aggressive [2] -> 200XP and ?
  • Send Edér, Pallegina, Sagani to guard caravans: companion busy for 10 days -> 200XP
Prestigious Visitors
Berolt +3 Prestige
+2 Security
  • Give him suggestion.
  • Make him safe passage: 2000 coppers (cp), or Twin Elms positive 2 → +1 Prestige
  • Make him safe passage: Aggressive 2 +1 Prestige, Twin Elms: Moderate Negative
  • Have someone escort him: Hiravias, Sagani busy for 6 days
Lord Sidroc +3 Prestige
  • Encourage him to make a stand: Survival 5
  • Encourage him to make a stand: Knights of the Crucible 2
  • Offer to send letters to rivals: → +3 Prestige for 7 days, 11 hours
  • Have the rivals dealt with: Aloth busy for 7 days
  • Send Devil of Caroc to "help" Get 1000 coppers (cp), but Sidroc and his guards die.
  • Acquire "help" from House Doemenel 2 Get 1000 coppers (cp)
Odeyna Fyrgest +5 Prestige
+5 Security
  • Let her stay → Odeyna Fyrgest stays at keep longer.
  • Pay 5000 gold → +1 Prestige
  • Ask Dozens to back off (Requires Dozen positive 2) → +1 Prestige
  • You shouldn't hide from your past → nothing or -1 Prestige.
  • Have Eder or Mahena help → +1 Prestige.
Bad Visitors
Gafol the Drunkard -2 Prestige

Any resolution will yield 200xp. Choose from the following:

  • Simply send him away.
  • Pay his debt (1200 coppers (cp)) Dyrford Village: Minor Positive.
  • Send him to Bellasege to help in research. (Animancer in lower level of the Sanitarium.)
  • Have Zahua help Gafol quits drinking, discovers drugs and starts a new life.
  • Pallegina can help him become an assistant in the Vailian Republics. She will be removed from the party for 5 days. (Act 3 or later required.)
  • Hang him → -2 Prestige.
  • Send him off with the Dozens to the Living Lands (Positive Rep 2 required).
Lord Byrnwigar
  • Send Aloth to Byrnwigar's keep to warn people, lie to him → +2 Prestige, Aloth busy for 6 days.
  • Send Devil of Caroc to "take care" of him quietly +1 Prestige, +1 Security.
  • Ask what the peasants have been saying, then recommend benevolence. Option 1 or 3 → Nothing.
  • Ask what the peasants have been saying, then recommend benevolence. Option 2 → +1 Prestige.
  • Ask what the peasants have been saying, then recommend diplomacy (Diplomatic 2 required) → +1 Prestige.
  • Pay him to hire security (700 coppers (cp)) → +1 Security.
  • Hang him → -3 Prestige.
Nyry the Deft Hand -1 Prestige-3 Security
  • Help escape (1000 coppers (cp)) Cape of the Cheat and Potion of Power.
  • Help escape with Doemenel (requires Rank 3 positive reputation) Cape of the Cheat and Potion of Power.
  • Tell her to turn herself in → +1 Prestige.
  • Tell her to turn herself in then trick her into being caught by the Knights of the Crucible (need rank 2 positive reputation) → +2 Prestige.
  • Hang her → +1 Prestige.
  • Kick out.
Solmar the Shackler
  • Suggest he continue down the coast.
  • Suggest he dock at New Heomar (need Lore 4).
  • Buy his slaves, then free them -5000 coppers (cp), +1 Benevolent reputation
  • Buy his slaves, then sell them yourself +1000 coppers (cp)
  • Help him sell slaves to The Dozens, or House Doemenel(need positive reputation).
  • Put in a good word with the Knights of the Crucible, allowing him to dock at Fleetbreaker Castle(need positive reputation).
  • Send Hiravias to free slave, lie to him Hiravias busy for 5 days
  • Send Hiravias to free slave, seize Solmar and order him hanged Hiravias busy for 5 days, temporary Prestige penalty(?)

(Gilded Vale)

  • Pay Off: 270 coppers (cp)
  • Send Escort: Companion gone for ? days

If Ignored:

  • -? Prestige, + 0 Security for ? Days; Minor Reputation with Gilded Vale (Negative)

(Twin Elms)

  • Pay Off: 1000 coppers (cp)
  • Send Escort: Companion gone for 4 days

If Ignored:

  • -4 Prestige, + 0 Security for 3 Days; Minor Reputation with Twin Elms (Negative)

Adventures[edit | edit source]

After the Great Hall is restored, an adventure becomes available though the stronghold management interface on every turn with a number divisible by 8. Unlike quests, you cannot resolve these yourself - you must assign one of your idle companions to complete the adventure, making them unavailable for the specified number of turns.

If you don't assign anyone to it, the adventure disappears after a limited time. Once you've assigned a companion to it, recalling them prematurely cancels the adventure and forfeits any rewards that would have been earned. If the adventure is completed, money and item rewards from the adventure are placed in the treasury chest of the Great Hall, and the companion who was assigned gets additional XP (not shared with the party).

The adventures you can get are:

Adventure Unique item Additional rewards
Minor (1 turn)
2d50+Prestige > 25
A Court of Spirits Belt of Chimes 15% XP, 150-300 coppers (cp)
A Forgotten Hollow Wyrwood Ring 15% XP
Black Waters, Broken Tombs ycg Br Tomb Fragment 15% XP
Clerical Errors St. Borragia's Tears 15% XP, 150-350 coppers (cp)
Sacred Skin Greenstained Boots 15% XP, minor item
The Ivory Horn The Nautilus of Or-Grammon 15% XP, 150-300 coppers (cp)
The Night Mirror Night Mirror Fragment 15% XP
The Sky Breaker Rod of Wind and Thunder 15% XP, minor item
Witch's Walk The Witch's Hat 15% XP
Minor Adventure - one of: 5% XP, minor item, 150-300 coppers (cp), minor reputation bonus
Average (2 turns)
2d50+Prestige > 50
A Wreath of Ashes Remembrance Ashes 15% XP, minor item, 150-300 coppers (cp)
Bound and Buried Binding Rope 15% XP, minor item, 150-300 coppers (cp)
Skulls for Mother Father's Teeth 15% XP, 150-300 coppers (cp)
Still as Stones Mossy Rock × 5 15% XP, minor item, 150-300 coppers (cp)
The Mourning Circle Mourning Gloves 15% XP, 150-300 coppers (cp)
The Page Unturned The Blind Monk's Venom 15% XP, minor item
The Weaver's Song Cloak of Comfort 15% XP, 2 minor items, 150-300 coppers (cp)
To the Waterline Iverra's Diving Helmet 15% XP, 150-300 coppers (cp)
Average Adventure - two of: 10% XP, average item, 150-300 coppers (cp), average reputation bonus
Major (3 turns)
2d50+Prestige > 75
A Curse of Cold Clay Remembrance of Life's Warmth 25% XP, average item, 500-1000 coppers (cp)
A Whistling in the Reeds Red Reed Wand 25% XP, average item, 500-1000 coppers (cp)
Ring Finger Nîdhen's Finger 25% XP, 500-1000 coppers (cp)
St. Ifen's Knot Ifen's Cradle 25% XP, minor item, 500-1000 coppers (cp)
The Celebrant's Dirge Celebrant's Gloves 25% XP, average item, 500-1000 coppers (cp)
The Unworn Path Patchwork Boots 25% XP, average item
What the Well Holds Swaddling Sheet 25% XP, 300-750 coppers (cp)
Major Adventure - two of: 15% XP, average item, 500-1000 coppers (cp), average reputation bonus
Grand (4 turns)
2d50+Prestige > 100
A Place of Great Silence The Looking-Inward Chime 35% XP, major item, 750-2000 coppers (cp)
Lavender and Lye Lavender Wreath 35% XP, major item, 1-2 average items
Lovers' Light Copper Lover's Ring,
Silver Lover's Ring
35% XP
The Crossed Eye Crossed Patch 35% XP, major item, average item, 750-2000 coppers (cp)
The Wax Maker The Helwax Mold 35% XP, major item, 750-2000 coppers (cp)
They Who Woke the Stars Constellated Cloak 35% XP, major item
Grand Adventure - two of: 20% XP, major item, 2 average items, 750-2000 coppers (cp), major reputation bonus
Legendary (5 turns)
2d50+Prestige > 125
A Solitary Mark Marked Amulet 50% XP, grand item, major item, 1000-3000 coppers (cp)
At the Edge of All Known Things Amaia's Codex 50% XP, grand item, major item, 1000-3000 coppers (cp)
Liminal Spaces Ethereal Helm 50% XP, grand item, 1-2 major items, 1000-3000 coppers (cp)
The Coal Eater Blighted Coals 50% XP, grand item, major item, 1000-3000 coppers (cp)
The Glass Tree Glittering Gauntlets 50% XP, grand item, major item, 1000-3000 coppers (cp)
Legendary Adventure - three of: 25% XP, grand item, 2 major items, 3 average items, 1000-3000 coppers (cp), grand reputation bonus

Which adventures you get is determined as follows:[2]

  1. Each turn, the game rolls for an event.
  2. If that event is Adventure (and you don't already have an active adventure), then the game rolls two random numbers between between 1 and 50, adds them to the stronghold's current Prestige number, and uses this sum to determine the adventure category:
    2d50 + prestige Adventure category
    1-25 Tough luck, no adventure!
    26-50 Minor
    51-75 Average
    76-100 Major
    101-125 Grand
    126+ Legendary
  3. From the selected category, a random adventure is picked that hasn't been picked already. (You need to exhaust all unique adventures in one category to get a generic adventure.)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Attacks are the most potentially dangerous of all stronghold events. Attack losses and frequency decrease with higher security. The threat of attacks is the most important reason to keep your security level as high as you can afford.

You will be warned ahead of time of any such attack, and are presented with three choices:

  1. Manual Resolve: Your party and hirelings battle the invaders. If you are not at your stronghold, you must return before you can select this option. This option usually results in the best outcome, although some of your hirelings may be killed.
  2. Auto-Resolve: Your hirelings battle the invaders without you. This usually results in the destruction of parts of your stronghold, which you will then have to rebuild, expending time and money. In the meantime, you lose their benefits.
  3. You can ignore the warning. If you continue to ignore it until the time runs out, an auto-resolve will happen.
Xaurips and Wurms
Bleakhollow Bandits
Trolls and Oozes
Leaden Key Agents
Cutthroat Bandits
Shades and Forest Lurkers
Vicious Mercenaries
Raedric's Undead Army
Cean Gŵla and Spectres

References[edit source]