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NPCs involved
Outcomes & Rewards
Complete the quest
  • Unlocks world map travel and the Defiant
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Stranded is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Defiant has run aground after suffering an attack by pirates, bringing a temporary halt to the hunt for Eothas. The Defiant's suffered heavy damage. There's not much sailing to be done with the hull so battered. Most of the islands in this region are inhabited. With a little luck, you'll find some assistance nearby.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first of the storyline quests and culminates in getting off the island with Port Maje and off to hunt Eothas. Your first priority should be completing Helping Hands (to get some crew for a start) and then leave Vilario's Rest. Your first priority is getting to Port Maje in the north.
  • Enter the city and approach the platform in the center of the square. After a brief exchange of words between the governor and the Huana representative, all the eyes will turn to you - and the commoners will take you for a pirate. After resolving the situation, the governor will invite you to his mansion.
  • There, he will reveal The Vailian Trading Company's interests in this island center around the 'luminous adra' to be found at an Engwithan digsite not far from Port Maje. The town's animancers have not returned, and the governor would rather keep his guards close by in case the pirates stage a tactical assault. He will ask the Watcher to investigate on his behalf, in exchange for which he'll see that the Defiant is repaired and set out to sea.
  • Head to the Engwithan Digsite. Eothas has definitely been through there, which means the chances of finding anyone alive are nil. Make your way down to the cage to liberate Benessa and her team, including Engferth To find Oderisi's corpse, descend to the arena sub-level. He is found at the pillar in the northern section. Retrieve Oderisi's Notes to satisfy the governor.
  • A scripted interaction will follow as you realize that the adra pillar seems dead, disconnected from Berath's wheel. You touch the pillar and before you realize it, you are pulled into the In-Between, slowly making sense of it, then rapidly following a golden connection that terminates right in the back of your mark: Eothas. You can interact with the souls, reaching out to them, trying to push past them to find your own soul, or shouting at Eothas to stop. No matter what you choose, Eothas will stop and take notice - and admire your ability to navigate the In-Between. He will then promise that something beautiful is coming, that the sun will yet rise - and terminate the connection, restoring the pillar of luminous adra.
  • Once you exit the sub-level, you will meet hundreds of souls who refuse to go to the adra pillar for fear of never reaching the Beyond and they will ask to follow you. You can accept them. If Xoti is present, you can permit her to harvest the souls.
  • Return to the Governor. You can lie that you have not found any of Oderisi's research, retaining them for yourself and ... . Otherwise, Clario will be giddy and relieved that Port Maje will continue to receive VTC support and funds. He will also attempt to dissuade you from your attempt to follow Eothas. As a Priest/Mystic, Paladin, or Explorer, you can explain your desire to pursue. Then repeat your request for aid. With Intellect 12, you can surmise that Eothas is using adra pillars for an energy source, allowing you to find him.
  • Governor Clario will arrange for a team of workers to haul my ship back out to sea. Once you are ready to leave the island, meet his people out at the beach by The Defiant.

Killing Clario[edit | edit source]

  • If you decide to kill Clario, you won't be able to raise the Defiant using Port Maje. Return to the Defiant and talk to the Steward to ...