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Spiritshift wolf icon.jpg
Class Druid
Activation Active
Learned Automatically on level 1.
Restoration per encounter
Uses 1

The druid can assume a variety of anthropomorphized forms, with new abilities inspired by the emulated creature. Druids cannot hold weapons while spiritshifted, but they can always cast spells. Shifting originally lasted for the duration of the combat or until you choose to shift back[1][2], but that is no longer the case. The exact duration is 15 seconds, increased by 5% for each point of the character's Intellect.

The spirit form is chosen during character creation, as part of class selection.

Spirit forms[edit | edit source]

Druids choose a spirit form at character creation. The reason for choosing one form over another will be for the abilities each one inherently comes with. Available spirit forms (note that the Stelgaer is unique to Hiravias):

The actual damage is the Base Damage increased by 3% for each point of the character's Might. All Spiritshift claws, horns or teeth bypass 5 Damage Reduction.

Icon Image Name DR BASE Damage Ability
Spiritshift bear icon.jpg Bear-icon.jpg Bear 10
Spiritshift boar icon.jpg Boar-icon.jpg Boar 8
  • Druid Boar Regeneration – The boar spiritshift form allows the druid to continually regenerate Endurance at a modest rate.
  • Druid Boar Tusks (Wounding) - Adds 20% of Damage inflicted Over Time with attacks.
Spiritshift stag icon.jpg Stag-icon.jpg Stag 8
  • Druid Stag Defenses – While in stag form, druids have a bonus to all defenses.
  • Druid Stag Carnage – While in stag form, a druid can attack a large area with reckless abandon. With every successful melee attack, the stag form makes reduced-damage attacks at all other enemies within 1m of the target. 1 per rest.
Spiritshift wolf icon.jpg Wolf-icon.jpg Wolf 8
  • Knock Down – Shoves an enemy with enormous force, knocking them Prone but causing little damage. 2 per rest.
Spiritshift cat icon.jpg Cat-icon.jpg Cat 8
Spiritshift-stelgaer.jpg Stelgaer 5

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Inconsistencies[edit | edit source]

The Wolf Spiritshift is supposed to "move quickly" like its description indicates but does not actually provide any Movement increase.

Tips[edit | edit source]

The weapons of the Spiritshift forms work with the talents Weapon Focus Peasant and Two Weapon Style.

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